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H1N1 Pandemic: Pentagon Planning Deployment of Troops in Support of Nationwide Vaccination

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  • Bill in Tn
    The bottom part of this e-mail under my name, has not been cleared with Moon or Global Research. For clarification, this is the same disease, that used to be
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2009
      The bottom part of this e-mail under my name, has not been cleared with
      Moon or Global Research. For clarification, this is the same disease,
      that used to be called 'Swine Flu', but no longer is, as swine do not
      get this and we can't catch it from swine.


      So, time to stock up on the various meds and suppliments that you will
      need, NOW and not wait. For supplements, I'm thinking basically about
      huge amounts of true Vitamin C. Not all Vitamin C sold OTC is true
      Vitamin C. So watch out for that. I think L-Ascorbic is the true stuff.
      Vitamin C can be taken in huge amounts and several times a day. Vitamin
      C should never exceed 40,000mg or 40 gram a day. Beieve me you will know
      if you take too much Vitamin C. As your stools will be very runny. Just
      cut back a bit on the dosage and try again. I currently take about
      5,000mg a day. Since I am not sick or trying to prevent illness at this
      time. This is a good dosage. If I suspect I am sick or have been exposed
      to anything. I will up my dosage fast, as needed. Vitamin C can also be
      used after surgery in most cases, to help you heal faster. although I
      have never put that to the test. I will though, when the knee joint is

      The next thing in supplement form, is Garlic in some form. garlic is a
      natural antibiotic. while the Vitamin C increases everything good in
      your body. Unsure how much Garlic to take, as I'm allergic to several
      varieties in pill or capsule form. I do use garlic powder in cooking though.

      If you suspect that there are alternatives for various ailments you
      have. I would suggest you stock up on those now. For instance, I take
      both Cinnamon and Chromium Picolinate for my diabetes. The doc now says
      I am no longer a diabetic, but I did take medicine for it originally. So
      I know they work. I know there are also natural pain meds out there.
      Some can be procured and others made. Check the books and web sites for
      those cures.

      This is also a good time to think about quarantining in place. If others
      around you get ill. Staying at home and not venturing out, may save
      you.. The further away you are from possible contamination, the better
      off you are. The current issue of TACDA's(The American Civil Defense
      Association) paper magazine, goes into a lot more detail about this.
      This means, you can't go to work, go to the doc, go to the hospital,
      unless you might die anyway, can't have your kids playing with other
      kids and definitely can't accept anyone into your home, once you put
      this self imposed quarantine in place. BTW, here is the link for the
      TACDA website:
      If you scroll to the bottom of the web page. You will see the current
      and one previous TACDA magazines in PDF format. If you are a full member
      or maybe just an online member. They have copies of every magazine since
      1968. I'm pretty sure that will also be in pdf format, but not sure.

      You also have to try and stay away from the military, supposed health
      care workers and the local police. The less people know about you, the
      better off you are. Never fill out a census form! For this tells the
      government, exactly how many people live there. If you think a census is
      private? Think again. If martial law is proclaimed. The feds will do
      everything it can to try and inoculate or vaccine everyone. Religion
      won't work this time. Neither will, "It will kill me", in case of severe
      illness or other medical problems. In my case, I have bad kidneys.
      Diabetics are also warned not to get inoculated.

      So, how to stay away from everyone? You need at least 6 months to a
      couple years worth of everything you normally use, besides fuel for your
      vehicles. If you don't move around, then no fuel is needed. This means
      food, water(unless you have your own source) meds, fuel for the home,
      plant seeds, tools, cooking devices or pre cooked foods and reading
      material(not all has to be survival). A radio, with some way to keep the
      power coming and a set of headphones is almost perfect to keep up with
      the news. With a shortwave radio and a high enough but hidden antenna,
      you can listen to radio broadcasts all over the world. Now, why listen
      to another country? A lot of other countries will say exactly what is
      going on in the US. This way, they don't have to fear retribution from
      the US authorities.

      There are ways for those in the country to isolate themselves. This is
      to make certain others have no easy way to reach you. this could mean
      taking down trees, power poles, taking out small bridges. A moat also
      comes to mind, but that is impracticable for most of us. Going
      underground mostly is another way to do it. Still another way is to find
      some land, squat on it and build there. This way, most, if not all
      people, wouldn't know you were there. Another way is to hide in plain
      site. Taking over a deserted building and fixing it up for you and yours
      alone. There are ways to prevent others from knowing where you are. Even
      then, the ones that might know where you are, will also probably be on
      the move. Thinking here of those less fortunate than us, that live under
      overpasses, in forests, buildings like yours and the like.

      Anyway, my plans are mostly made. The food, meds and other supplies are
      still being bought and stored. My water supply is about 320 gallons,
      with ways to purify and filter more water. The water is rotated as well.

      This plan by the feds to force you to get inoculated is a very bad one.
      For one thing, the vaccine has NEVER been tested on humans. No one knows
      what the long terms effects of this is. although, mice and rats had a
      lot of complications, when this was tested on them. the other reason
      this is bad, is that once the door is opened for this. Then they can
      force us to take all kinds of bad vaccines, against our will or against
      our religion. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights, will not help you
      here. As it will be martial law and we all know what that means.

      So people, prepare now, before something really bad happens! Just
      remember this. No matter what happens. NEVER, NEVER, let you or your
      family go to any kind of government run facility. Chances are, you all
      will die there.


      MOON CYCLE wrote:
      > from Global research web link here .
      > http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=14580
      > <http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=14580>
      > According to CNN, the Pentagon is "to establish regional teams of
      > military personnel to assist civilian authorities in the event of a
      > significant outbreak of the H1N1 virus this fall, according to Defense
      > Department officials."
      > "The proposal is awaiting final approval from Defense
      > Secretary Robert Gates.
      > The officials would not be identified because the proposal
      > from U.S. Northern Command's Gen. Victor Renuart has not been
      > approved by the secretary.
      > The plan calls for military task forces to work in conjunction
      > with the Federal Emergency Management Agency. There is no
      > final decision on how the military effort would be manned, but
      > one source said it would likely include personnel from all
      > branches of the military.
      > It has yet to be determined how many troops would be needed
      > and whether they would come from the active duty or the
      > National Guard and Reserve forces.
      > Civilian authorities would lead any relief efforts in the
      > event of a major outbreak, the official said. The military, as
      > they would for a natural disaster or other significant
      > emergency situation, could provide support and fulfill any
      > tasks that civilian authorities could not, such as air
      > transport or testing of large numbers of viral samples from
      > infected patients.
      > As a first step, Gates is being asked to sign a so-called
      > "execution order" that would authorize the military to begin
      > to conduct the detailed planning to execute the proposed plan.
      > *Orders to deploy actual forces would be reviewed later,
      > depending on how much of a health threat the flu poses this
      > fall,* the officials said." (CNN, Military planning for
      > possible H1N1 outbreak
      > <http://www.cnn.com/2009/US/07/28/military.swine.flu>, July
      > 2009, emphasis added)
      > The implications are far-reaching.
      > The decision points towards the militarization of civilian
      > instituions, including law enforcement and public health. The Pentagon
      > is already planning on the number of troops to be deployed in the case
      > of a pandemic. A nationwide vaccination program is already planned for
      > the Fall. The pharmaceutical industry is slated to deliver 160 million
      > vaccine doses by the Fall, enough doses to vaccinate more than half of
      > America's population.
      > It is worth noting that this involvement of the military is not being
      > decided by the President, but by the Secretary of Defense, which
      > suggests that the Pentagon is, in a key issue of of national interest,
      > overriding the President and Commander in Chief. The US Congress has
      > not been consulted on this issue.
      > This decision to mobilise the Armed Forces in the vaccination campaign
      > is taken /in anticipation of a national emergency/. Although no
      > national emergency has been called, the presumption is that a national
      > public health emergency will occur, using the WHO Level 6 Pandemic as
      > a justification.
      > Other countries, including Canada, the UK and France may follow suit,
      > calling upon their Armed Forces to play a role in support of the H1N1
      > vaccination program.
      > *US Northern Command*
      > Much of the groundwork for the intervention of the military has
      > already been established. There are indications that these "regional
      > teams" have already been established under USNORTHCOM, which has been
      > involved in preparedness training and planning in the case of a flu
      > pandemic (See U.S. Northern Command - Avian Flu
      > <http://www.northcom.mil/Avian%20Flu/index.html>. USNORTHCOM website)..
      > Within the broader framework of "Disaster Relief", Northern Command
      > has, in the course of the last two years, defined a mandate in the
      > eventuality of a public health emergency or a flu pandemic. The
      > emphasis is on the militarization of public health whereby NORTHCOM
      > would oversee the activities of civilian institutions involved in
      > health related services.
      > According Brig. Gen. Robert Felderman, deputy director of USNORTHCOM’s
      > Plans, Policy and Strategy Directorate: “*USNORTHCOM is the global
      > synchronizer – the global coordinator – for pandemic influenza across
      > the combatant commands”*(emphasis added) (See Gail Braymen, USNORTHCOM
      > contributes pandemic flu contingency planning expertise to trilateral
      > workshop <http://www.northcom.mil/news/2008/041408.html>, USNORTHCOM,
      > April 14, 2008, See also USNORTHCOM. Pandemic Influenza Chain Training
      > (U) pdf
      > <http://www.northcom.mil/Avian%20Flu/docs/Pandemic_Influenza_Training_Brief.pdf>)
      > “Also, the United States in 1918 had the Spanish influenza. We
      > were the ones who had the largest response to [a pandemic] in more
      > recent history. So I discussed what we did then, what we expect to
      > have happen now and the numbers that we would expect in a pandemic
      > influenza.”
      > The potential number of fatalities in the United States in a
      > modern pandemic influenza could reach nearly two million,
      > according to Felderman. Not only would the nation’s economy
      > suffer, but the Department of Defense would still have to be ready
      > and able to protect and defend the country and provide support of
      > civil authorities in disaster situations. While virtually every
      > aspect of society would be affected, “the implications for
      > Northern Command will be very significant.”
      > “[A pandemic would have] a huge economic impact, in addition to
      > the defense-of-our-nation impact,” Felderman said. The United
      > States isn’t alone in preparing for such a potential catastrophe.
      > (Gail Braymen, op cit)
      > Apart from the CNN dispatch and a FOX news report, there has been
      > virtually no mainstream press coverage of this issue. No statement has
      > been made by USNORTHCOM. The Fox New Report suggests that US troops
      > would be involved in organising military quarantines (see videoclip
      > below).
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