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Re: [MSM] More about Wolves and stuff

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  • raysosc@aol.com
    In a message dated 10/31/02 9:12:07 PM Pacific Standard Time, brnmst@yahoo.com writes:
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      In a message dated 10/31/02 9:12:07 PM Pacific Standard Time,
      brnmst@... writes:

      << They have been driving the price of homes way, way up
      because they think that homes in this area are very
      cheap. They don't consider how low the wages around
      here is as compared to CA.
      On top of all of that, they tend to vote for the
      exact same laws that they did back in CA., the state
      that they have just escaped from! They don't seem to
      understand that it is their beliefs that ruined their
      previous state. >>

      I know what you say is true. Also the people that can't get welfare in this
      state anymore are moving to states with lenient laws as to length of
      residency and good services.

      The others are the ones who sold out during the beginnings of the boom and
      made a ton of profit from thier homes, so they can go elsewhere and overpay
      to get a new place at what they consider a great price.

      I don't know where everyones moving to these days but a few years ago there
      was a lot of people going to Salt Lake City, and after that it was Colorado
      Springs, and a few years before that it was to the Carolina's. Usually these
      are the techs that are following the work into new area's.

      I remember talking to Lockheed employees about 15 years ago about their
      moving to Texas. They would transfer to new fascilities there at their
      present pay, but would not get scheduled pay raises per the current contract.
      This was supposedly because Texas was a right to work state with less
      unionization and these California workers would be making close to double
      what the locals would and with the lower cost of living there would be much
      more financially secure than they would living in California. Only a few
      figured it out and actually went.

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