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  • Bax
    On Sun, 1 Sep 2002 21:44:39 +1000, Stephen Spiesser ... Want some extra money?? http://www.spedia.net/cgi-bin/tz.cgi?run=show_svc&fl=8&vid=3433910 ... Join
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      On Sun, 1 Sep 2002 21:44:39 +1000, "Stephen Spiesser"
      <spiesser@...> wrote:

      >This site is a must for anybody whi even wants to know the slightest bit
      >about survival in any shape or form. This is the most comprehensive site
      >that I have ever seen with a plethora of links as listed below. In some
      >cases the info is a bit sketchy, but certainly most of the topics I could
      >think of are addressed.
      >Common Sense and Self-Protection
      >Earth Shelters
      >Foot Soldiers Life Support System
      >Fox Holes
      >Worldwide Effects of Nuclear War
      >Another Basic BugOut Load
      >Survival Related Shortware Radio Programs
      >Methods of Long Term Underground Storage
      >Construction of Individual Fighting Positions
      >Selecting Individual Fighting Positions
      >Spreadsheet for Survival Supplies
      >American Survival Guide Index 1984-1996
      >72 Hour Preparedness Program (1 meg)
      >Best of Survival Talk - Barter
      >Best of Survival Talk - Vehicle Gear
      >Commo for Survival - Radio 101
      >Survival Rain Water Filter System
      >Realities of Being a Survivalist
      >MRE FAQ ver 1.1
      >Disaster Preparations at Home
      >Tent Rain Seal Trick
      >Different Shelters and Their Uses
      >Personal Safety
      >The Philosophy of Self Defense
      >Coping with Fear
      >Free Home Study Courses from FEMA
      >FEMA CERT Program
      >Emergency Food Primer
      >Basic Rainwater Filter
      >City Boy Plants Garden
      >Primer of Ham Radio
      >How to Meditate for the Spiritual Dense
      >Are You Prepared for a Cold Winter?
      >Solar Power Primer
      >Emergency Preparedness Test Run
      >Storing Water
      >Portable Water Filters
      >Why Prepare - Upcoming Earth Changes
      >Unscheduled Winter Preparedness Test
      >Warning About Upcoming Winter 1997-98
      >The Millennium Bug
      >Car Emergency Kit
      >How to Bury Your Treasure
      >EMP Protection
      >Personal Camo and Concealment
      >Tactical Communications Procedures
      >Global Positioning System
      >Land Navigation
      >Purifying Drinking Water
      >Signal Whistles
      >Bio Defense on the Cheap
      >The Short Course on Nuclear Blast Pt. 1
      >The Short Course on Nuclear Blast Pt. 2
      >Making a Fly Tent
      >Waterproof Self Starting Firestarters
      >Surviving a Terrorist Nuke by Duncan Long
      >One Man's Bugout Rehersal
      >Useful Items to Get Before TEOTWAWKI
      >Caching Series Parts 1 - 5
      >Escaping the Electric Snare by Nyerges
      >Executable Program Demo's Magnitude of Nuke Blast
      >Hegelianism - Knowing the Enemy Pt 1
      >Hegelianism - Knowing the Enemy Pt 2
      >Field Manual FM 21-76 The Army's Survival Manual
      >Livin' Off the Land by Chris Nyerges
      >NiCad Batteries
      >Radiation LD 50's for Plants and Animals
      >Field Manual FM 7-92; Infantry Recon for Platoons and Squads
      >Navy Seal Stories Pt 1
      >Navy Seal Stories Pt 2
      >Survival Notes (Really a Book) by Geo. Riggs OUTSTANDING!
      >ASG 11/94 Multi-Level Approach to Survival Kits
      >ASG 3/90 Inventory for Basic Kit
      >ASG 3/94 Survival Kit Contents
      >ASG 1/92 The Ten Essentials
      >Bad/Good Places for Survivalists
      >Preparing Your Own Personal Evacuation Kit
      >Survival Books rev. 0.25
      >Infantry Magazine 3/95 Optical Camouflage
      >Flash Floods are Deadly
      >Making Emergency Ration Packs
      >Tips of Water Storage/Filters
      >72 Hour Emergency Supply Kits for Car
      >Food for Thought by Chris Janowsky
      >Ten Different Purpose Packs for Survival
      >Ed's Flight Emergency Kit
      >72 Hour Emergency Supply Kit
      >Basic Bugout
      >FAQ for rec.crafts.metalworking
      >NSA Handbook on Security
      >Personal Emergency Disaster Plans
      >Plastic Bottles of Ice Water
      >Poison Ivy Problems and Itching for Solution
      >Poison Ivy and Its Treatment
      >ASG 11/91 Survival Tips by C.E. Teal
      >Some Scanner Frequency Listings
      >Easy Homemade Soap Receipe
      >The Soldier's Load-A Study of Essential Items
      >Survival Sources rev. 0.25
      >The Survival Pack
      >Survival FAQ-In the Beginning, the Threat Analysis
      >Things to Consider for Survival
      >Urban Survival Part I
      >Urban Survival Part II
      >Survival Items from US Army FM 21-76 6/92
      >Good Potable Water Device
      >Survival Kits by Omega Man
      >FAQ for Misc.Survivalism Newsgroup
      >K9 Guardians - Dog Training
      >Making Homemade Laundry Soaps
      >Exotic and Slang Military/Geographic Terms of Desert Storm
      >What is Natural - Distilled Wisdom
      >Solar Ovens
      >Water, Vinegar, and Surviving the Heat
      >Individual Fact Sheets for First Aid (good)
      >Poisoning and Universal Antidote
      >Basic Survival Equipment by Michael Ironwolf
      >All Birds are Good to Eat (survivalist info.)
      >Survival - Rescue
      >Survival, the First Step - The Mind
      >Useful Survivalist Bibiography
      >How to Breath Properly Increase Energy
      >Butchering,Skinning,Tanning and Preparing
      >Camel Drinking Tip
      >Camping Tips and Survival in All Climate
      >Survival in Different Climates
      >Notes on Cold Weather Survival - Foot Protection
      >Cold Weather Survival/First Aid/Protection
      >Four Tips for Preventing of Cold Feet
      >Cold Water Survival
      >Notes on Storing and Preserving Foods
      >Learn to Breath Correctly / Increase Your Energy
      >Survival in the Desert Facts
      >Cacti Furnish Food and Drink
      >Guide to Assist you in Disaster Situations
      >Survival Books and Where to get them.
      >Importance of Duct Tape
      >Earthquake Preparation Fact Sheet Info.
      >Earthquake Preparedness Guide
      >Survival First Aid Information
      >Internet FEMA Information - All in One File
      >Fire Know-How - Never be Without Ability
      >Much Ado about Fishing for survival
      >More info on Fish and Survival
      >Food and Water Guideline for Emergencies
      >Survival rations
      >Traveling on Foot
      >Another Survival File - Gear and Rational
      >Poor Man's Gear Review
      >What to do at Home for Diaster or Survival
      >Care of your Horse in Survival Situation
      >Survivalist Hunting Tips
      >Eating Insects? Starvation Next to Imposible
      >The Joys of Camping - Gear,Food, and Shelter
      >Survival Tips for the Tropics
      >Measuring/Estimating Distances in the Outdoors
      >A Mini-Survival Book - Keep with you at all Times
      >Misc. Survival Facts that didn't make it elsewhere
      >Survival Tips for Mountain Climates
      >To Move or Not to Move in a Survival Situation
      >Survival Using Plane Wreckage
      >Planning for Survival by C.E. Teal (USG )
      >Information on Lots of Useful Plants
      >Even more Basic Facts about Plants
      >Plants on the Northern Seashore
      >Large Survivalist Guide - Get this!!!!!!
      >Plants of the Artic Tundra
      >Things you can do to Survive an Earthquake
      >Large file on Raft Building
      >Raft Building and Usage in Survival
      >Eating Reptiles - uggg!
      >Rheumatism Remedy - Bone Oil - This Works!
      >A few Loose Ends on Survival Facts
      >Survival at Sea - Excellent File
      >Better than Crumb Trails - Satellite
      >Large File of Sheltering and Making Camp
      >Survivalist Signaling for Help
      >Skinning and Preparing Animals
      >Facts about Snow (Good News/ Bad news)
      >Goes with SURBOOKS.TXT as a Source of Books
      >Sponge Usefulness
      >Stress Control and Breathing for Increased Energy
      >Good list of Survivalist Books with descriptions
      >Survival Resources - Companies and Equip.
      >Transporting Problems in Survival
      >Weather Predicting - Watching the Signs
      >Fact Sheet: Winter Driving
      >Fact Sheet: Winter Storms
      >Information on Joining SurvNet
      >Compasses and Maps Explained (MS Word format)
      >All You Want to Know About First Aid Kit
      >Wood Combustion Tables (MS Word Format)
      >Lots and Lots of Info. on Fire (MS Word )
      >About Fishing and Survival (MS Word )
      >Survival Rations (MS Word Format)
      >What to Put in Your Medical Bag (MS Word)
      >Organizing and Making Camp (MS Word )
      >Good Info. on Post Nuclear Survival (MS Word)
      >Shelter and Making Camp (MS Word)
      >Essentials of Obtaining, Purifing Water
      >Twelve Items to Never be Without (MS Word)
      >Cold Weather Info. You Need for Survival
      >Psychological Survival - The #1 Rule of Survival
      >Artic Warmup Blood Bath
      >Insomnia Problem?
      >Plants of Canada Info.
      >Plants South of the US Border
      >Pollution Clean-Up Major Step Forward
      >Plastic Rope / Many Uses
      >Survival Kit Basics - Items to Include
      >Basic Shelter Requirements
      >Tracking Man or Beast
      >Packing for Trips Worldwide - How to Pack
      >Cayenne Pepper to Control Bleeding
      >Herbal Remedies for Colds
      >Herbal Cough Medicine
      >Detoxification of the Body
      >Dietary yeast for emema treatment
      >Uses of Herbs in Clinical Pratice
      >Medical Herb Encyclopedia
      >Grandma's Herbal Remedies
      >Information on Herbs
      >Herb Info. Major Medicinal Plants
      >Healing Power of Herbs 2.0 Comprehensive
      >The Illustrated Medical Herbal Encyclope
      >Ten Medicinal Herbs You Should Know
      >The Ten Essentials - American Survival Guide
      >Ten Packs to make for HOME Survival Prep
      >Survival Food List
      >Survival Equipment Sources in .wk1 Spree
      >More Survivalist Catalog Sources
      >Survival Kits
      >More Survival Kits
      >Notes on Flashlights, bulbs, and batteries
      >Emergency Survival
      >Red Cross 72 Hour Survival List
      >Rope Type and Uses ASG 12/91
      >Survival Equipment Supplier Addresses
      >ASG Article on Building a Belt Survival
      >Survival Kit Tips
      >Ultra-light Survival Kits
      >Kit for Car for Winter Driving
      >Details what to have for the Family for
      >Backpack Survival by Duncan Long
      >Some Medical Uses for Herbs
      >Kitchen Scraps Can Make Good Houseplants
      >What to Put In Your Medkit/Other Ideas
      >Ideas / Tips on Winter Camping
      >Supplies for Diasaster Preparedness
      >Multi-level Survival Kits by Bill Revill
      >Lengthy Conversation on Aspects of Tents
      >Lowe Radios FAQ's
      >Various Crisis Kits by Mike Smith
      >Definition of a Survivalist
      >Uses for 2 Liter Pop Bottles
      >Using Scotchguard on Camping Gear
      >Survival Shelter Discussion
      >Cocoon Sleeping System
      >Common Household Measurements (beds, tablets, chairs, etc)
      >Concrete Form Construction
      >Crib Building - Standards of Safety
      >Modifying Garage Door Openers
      >Household Hints
      >Survival Homesteading by Richard Doucet
      >Home Buying/Selling Program
      >How Much Land is Required for Self Sufficiency
      >Building a "Saferoom"
      >Locksmithing FAQ List
      >Metal Casting ASG Article
      >Urban Assault Vehicle Design
      >Water Filter Information
      >Infrared Information
      >Humor - Ten Things to Remember!
      >Tips to Avoid Encounters with Bears
      >Psychological Operations in Guerrilla Warfare
      >Survival Homestead by Richard Doucet
      >Discussion on Choosing the Best Survival
      >The Art of Survival - Backwoodsman 11/92
      >Choosing a Survival Firearm
      >Excellent Article on Choosing Survival Firearms
      >Still More Info. on Choosing Survival Firearms
      >Rifle Rest Plans and Survival Articles K. Saxon
      >Drinking Water Information
      >200 Scanner Frequencies In Columbia, SC Area
      >Scanman Directory of Scanner frequencies
      >SurvNet Information
      >Artic Warmup Bath
      >Insomnia a problem? Try this!
      >Issue Action News - Scanners and Shortwave
      >Novice Class Radio License Question Pool
      >South of the Canadian Border Edibles
      >Using Your Phone Line as a Short Wave Antenna
      >A Calendar of Seasonal Produce (survival info.)
      >How to Become a Radio Amateur
      >Ed Harris on types of Broadcast Radios
      >Mountaineer's 12 Essentials to Survival
      >Technician Class Radio License Question
      >Tracking Animals
      >Advise on Traking Methods
      >Tips of Traveling Light
      >Psychological Operations in Guerilla Warfare
      >What type of Short Wave Receiver should You Get?
      >Some good tips on survival technics
      >First Aid Tutorial
      >First Aid (Medical) Information
      >First Aid Supply List
      >CPR Tutorial
      >Electrolyte Fluid Formula
      >Earthquake Preparedness
      >Earthquake Preparedness
      >Flood Preparedness
      >Poison Gas Attack Preparedness
      >Extreme Heat Preparedness
      >Hurricane Preparedness
      >Index of Survival Tomorrow
      >Landslide and Mudslide Preparedness
      >Paul's Notes on the Best Magazines to Get
      >Being Mentally Prepared for Disaster
      >Nuclear Powerplant Accident Preparednessl
      >A letter from Mel Tappen on Survival Preparation
      >Survival Strategy...Looters etc.
      >Setting Up a Survival Team
      >How to Create a Survival Group by Kurt Saxon
      >Thunder and Lightning Storm Preparedness
      >Tornado Wind Scale
      >Tornado Preparedness
      >Tsunami Waves and Preparedness ASG Article
      >Uses for Urine
      >Volcano Eruption Preparedness
      >Wilderness First Aid - ASG Article 11/91
      >Wildfire Preparedness
      >Wilderness First Aid Including Kits
      >Winter Driving Preparedness
      >Winter Storm Preparedness
      >Barter Economies
      >Lengthy List of Survivalist Books
      >Preparedness Magazines
      >A Few Tricks for Winter by John Mudge
      >Terrorist Attack Preparedness
      >Wilderness Communications
      >Uses for 2-Liter Bottles
      >How to Track Animals
      >Attracting Birds to Your Garden
      >Wool Clothing for Survival
      >What to Do When the Deer are Hiding
      >Eluding Search Dogs
      >Firewood Harvesting Information - LOTS!
      >Information on a "free" Power Patent
      >Self Defense Network on the Internet
      >Self Employment Taxes
      >On Self Employment
      >Self Defense
      >Self Improvement FAQ's
      >On Self Sufficiency
      >Alternative Toilets
      >Identifing Treebark in the Winter
      >As the Title says - Foot Care
      >The future of Herbology...
      >Tips On A Medical Survival Kit
      >Electrolyte & Fluid replacement formula
      >Survivalist fiction, pretty good stuff
      >Survival Uses for Condom and Tampons
      >Good News for Lyme Disease Victims
      >Notes on Methane Digesters
      >Program of Some of Grandma's Herbal Remedy
      >First Aid Kit
      >72 Hour Kit
      >Advanced Crisis Kit
      >Auxilary Crisis Kit
      >Magnetic Pole Navigation
      >Basic Crisis Pack
      >Bites and Stings
      >Survival Sources ver 0.23
      >Survival Book List
      >More Survival Books ver 0.23
      >Bruce's Survival Kit
      >Bug Out Kit
      >Another Bug Out Kit
      >Buying Land
      >Camping FAQ's
      >Camping Checklist
      >Various Canteens and Water Carrying
      >Car Survival Kit
      >Another Car Survival Kit
      >Emergency Crisis Preparedness Checklist
      >Coffee Substitutes
      >Very Cold Weather Survival
      >Cold Weather Camping
      >Cold Beaten By Nose Job
      >Crisis Kit Books to Include
      >Crystal Radios
      >First Aid Disinfectants
      >Eds Survival Kit
      >Eduardo's Survival Manual
      >Water Filters by Duncan Long
      >Medical Field Kit
      >Creative Campfire Handbook
      >Another Field Medical Kit
      >Various Medical Kits
      >Better Food/ Better Soldiers
      >Frozen Body Parts
      >Water-An Essential by Duncan Long
      >Fixing Fire Damage
      >Hand Thermometer
      >Hobo Stoves
      >Insomnia Cure
      >Throwing Knives
      >The Ultimate Knife Thrower
      >The Survival Knife
      >The Wilderness Knife
      >Pak Kit Survival Kit
      >Tacoma Survival Kit
      >On Log Home Building
      >Making Lye from Wood Ash
      >On the Mag Light
      >More on Magnetic Pole Navigation
      >Water Proofing Matches
      >Life after Auschwitz- A Survivor Tells
      >Collection of more Survival Info.
      >New Mini Survival Handbook
      >On Packs for Survival
      >On Pasture Land
      >The Patrol
      >Poison Ivy
      >Poison Oak
      >Poison Plants
      >Poncho Uses
      >Assessment of the Rescue Patient
      >Desert Tricks of Survival
      >Shelter and Environment
      >Shortwave FAQ's
      >Snake Bite
      >More on Snake Bites
      >Still More on Snake Bites
      >Snow Cave vs Tents
      >How to Build a Snow Hut
      >Soapmaking FAQ's
      >Spider Bites
      >Survival Newsgroup FAQ's
      >The Six Most Important Survival Books
      >Survival, Escape, Resistance, and Evation
      >The Defensible Retreat-Ragnar Benson
      >Wilderness Survival First Aid
      >Vapor Barriors
      >Sweetwater Water Filters
      >Filters vs Boiling, etc
      >Water Storage
      >Water Wells
      >Water Essentials by Duncan Long
      >Wax and Fuel
      >Whitegas vs Coleman vs Unleaded
      >Preparing for the Woods
      >Yellow Jacket Facts
      >Info. on Backpack
      >Scoutmastering Theory of Scouting
      >Scouting Games
      >Boy Scout Camping Checklist
      >Scouting info.
      >Pot Luck File Entitled "Survive"
      >Build a First Aid Kit
      >96 Hour Bug-Out Kit
      >How Animals Survive in Winter
      >Ax Care Tips
      >Axioms of Ax Care
      >Choosing Your Backpack
      >Bear Country
      >Collective Wisdom-Survival Book List
      >Murph's Laws of Combat
      >Police Radio Codes
      >List of Current Army TMs & FMs
      >The day After by Omega Man
      >Digital Communication via Radio
      >FEMA:Your Family Disaster Supplies Kit
      >Economic Survival by Omega Man
      >Improvise with Electronic Componets
      >FEMA:Emergency Food and Water Supply
      >FEMA:Family Disaster Plan Fact Sheet
      >FEMA:Your Family Disaster Plan
      >Feeding Winter Birds
      >Fire Hazards
      >Starting Fires with Damp Wood
      >The Indestructable 5 Gal Pail
      >How to Build a Bright Flasher
      >FEMA:Floods and Flash Floods
      >Emergency Flight Kit
      >FEMA:Food and Water Fact Sheet
      >Comparison of H20 Filters,Boiling,Iodine
      >Guide to Safe Scouting:Unit Leader's Guide
      >FEMA:Extreme Heat Fact Sheet
      >Hitchless Hiking
      >A Hiking We Will Go!
      >Making Improvised Equipment
      >FEMA:House & Building Fires Fact Sheet
      >Medical Kits - Various Sizes
      >Description of Various Kurt Saxon Books
      >Managing Lyme Disease Threats
      >FEMA:Minimizing the Effects of Disaster
      >MREs: Frequently Asked Questions
      >Nature's Weather Signs
      >Northern Lights
      >FEMA:Nuclear Power Plant Emergencies
      >For the Backpacker:Packing Hints
      >FEMA:Pets and Disasters
      >An Intro. to Pirate Radio
      >Environmentally Sensitive Poop
      >Campfire Pottery
      >Pragmatism by Hanover Fist
      >FEMA:Earthquakes Fact Sheet
      >Intro. to Radio Communications
      >Making Emergency Ration Packs
      >It's Not Who's Right But Who's Left
      >FEMA:Emergency Sanitation Fact Sheet
      >How to Build a Sauna
      >The Spirit of the Staff
      >A Stitch In Time: First Aid
      >FEMA:Winter Storms Fact Sheet
      >FEMA:Disaster Supplies Kit Fact Sheet
      >Another View of Survival by Hanover Fist
      >Survival Kits by Hanover Fist
      >Surplus Weapons by Omega man
      >Teaching First Aid
      >Choosing a Tent
      >Tips for Wrenching Times
      >Online Chat with Tom Brown Jr.
      >Emergency War Surgery
      >FEMA:Locating Safe Drinking Water
      >Everyone Talks About the Weather But...
      >FEMA:Winter Driving Fact Sheet
      >Young's Demonstrative Translation of Scientific Facts
      >Dragon's Touch:Weaknesses of Human Body Pt.1
      >Dragon's Touch:Weaknesses of Human Body Pt.2
      >Emergency News Program for Emergency Responders
      >Evasive Techniques
      >FEMA Telephone Directory
      >Psychological Operations in Guerilla Warfare
      >Info. on Lockpicking with Gifs
      >Polygamy and Monogamy Compared 1869 Text
      >Snake and Toad Toxins
      >Waterborne Infectious GI Tract Diseases
      >Tactical Radio Communications
      >Good Definition of a Survivalist
      >Survival Books Index ver 0.24
      >A Story about Observing Signs in the Wild
      >Know Your Camp
      >Advise on Keeping Your Tent Dry
      >Making Emergency Ration Packs
      >The Gurkha Fighting Knife Review & Rebuttal
      >Night Flares Receipe
      >Making Fire From Flint and Steel
      >Hiding Yourself by John Williams
      >Hypothermia Information
      >Hypothermia Information-Silent Killer
      >Winter Camping
      >Physical Symptoms of Hypothermia
      >Potting Meat by Al Durtschi
      >Rope Making
      >Some Snow Camp Rules
      >Survival Sources ver. 0.24
      >Survival Sunglasses
      >About Sleeping Bags by Ron Blackwood
      >About Tents by Ron Blackwood
      >About Backpacks by Ron Blackwood
      >The Art of Avoiding Confrontation
      >About Backpacking Stoves
      >Become Part of a Legend
      >Parka Selection
      >Parka Evaluation and Selection Guide
      >Winter Camping
      >Information on Essential Gear
      >Kurt Saxon US Militia and Repeating Crossbow
      >Huge Compendium of Survival Lists and Collected Wisdom
      >Hiking and Camping Gear by L.S.Barrel
      >Selecting and Using a Boat as Floating Retreat
      >Survival Item CheckList by Oracle
      >Basic Knife Fighting
      >On Hiding Yourself
      >The Bodyguard 101 Series #1
      >The Bodyguard 101 Series #2
      >The Bodyguard 101 Series #3
      >The Bodyguard 101 Series #4
      >The Bodyguard 101 Series #5
      >The Bodyguard 101 Series #6
      >The Bodyguard 101 Series #7
      >The Bodyguard 101 Series #10
      >The Bodyguard 101 Series #11
      >The Bodyguard 101 Series #12
      >The Bodyguard 101 Series #14
      >The Bodyguard 101 Series #15
      >Fact Sheet:Nuclear Power Plant Emergency
      >Survival Books List ver. 0.24
      >Perspectives on Deer Hunting
      >Seven Major Mistakes of Food Storage
      >Making Homemade Dog Food
      >Survival Pack Prioritized I, II, III Levels
      >One Man's Personal Emergency Disaster Plan (long)
      >Row Gently by Richard Emery (how to row properly)
      >Food for Thought (about survival) by Chris Janowski
      >Survival Sources ver. 0.24
      >Start Sprouting!!!
      >1996 Calendar of Events for Sustainable Agriculture
      >The Art of Orienteering by Chris Nyerges
      >Personal 72 Hour Evac Pack
      >Alkaline Recharge
      >Altitude Sickness
      >Backpacking? Foods to Pack
      >Bamboo and Its 1001 Uses
      >Beans Again! Oh, NO!>
      >The Best Veggies to Survive On
      >Biltong-South African Dried Meat
      >Bio Warfare from the USA?
      >Wheat Bread for a King
      >Burning Dung
      >Ammo Can Cooker
      >Making Charcoal
      >Cold Water Survival
      >Faster Cooking Beans!
      >Cough Remedy
      >Dental Care in Emergencies
      >Desert Water Bags
      >Good Potable Water Device
      >First Aid in the Ditch
      >Drug Shelf Life Info.
      >Dry Meat My Way
      >More on Dry Beans/Legumes for Bugout
      >Avoiding EMP
      >Human Waste NOT Good Fertilizer
      >Magnesium Fire Starter
      >Fishing Article
      >Fighting Heat and Humidity
      >Homemade Gun Information
      >Government Supplied Disaster List
      >Ham Radio Experiment
      >Herbal Medicine Books to Check Out
      >Honey at the Rescue
      >The Art of Becoming Invisible
      >Disaster Plan Kit
      >Mosquitos, Flies, and Bees
      >Planning for Survival
      >Poison Ivy and Treatment
      >Complimentary Proteins
      >Racoon for Supper?
      >The Back Country Recipe Book
      >The Little Red Hen
      >Basic Survival Skills for Groups
      >Second Amendment Author
      >Review of "The Art of War"
      >Survival Tablets Okay, but...
      >The Bible of Walking on Thin Ice
      >Tool List for Building a Cabin
      >Basic Survival Skills for Groups
      >Visit this Second Amendment Author
      >Review of The Art of War
      >Survival Tablets Okay, but...
      >The Bible of Walking on Thin Ice
      >Tool List for Building a Cabin
      >Flame Torches
      >Tri Joint Matrix Construction
      >Arming the U.N.
      >Purifying Urine to Potable Water
      >Why We are Doomed
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