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32Re: Question about a marriage

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  • LMK
    Apr 26 2:07 PM
      Oh, it's so tantalizing to be so near yet so far from an answer, isn't it?
      My family didn't keep much in the way of paper records either.

      I don't know if these will work, but here are a few ideas:

      - Check the U.S. Census of 1900 to see if you can find any record of your
      aunt in or near Detroit. Children are (should be) recorded on the Census.
      Do you have any idea what her parents' names were?

      - If you have any relatives at all in that branch of the family (e.g., 3rd
      cousins), try to contact them to see if they know anything.

      - Is the picture a formal portrait (such as wedding picture)? You might be
      able to find a location for the photography studio - they often had their
      business name engraved at the edge of the photo. Then that location could
      be a place to search local churches for a marriage record.

      - If your aunt was born in 1895, she likely was married between age 15 and
      25. So hunt her (likely) home church for marriage records from 1910 to at
      least 1920. Many Detroit area parishes are defunct; their records should
      be at the Detroit Diocese Chancery Office. I don't know what you have to
      do to search those.

      Good luck!
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