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Minnesota Jaycees Update

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  • Laura Heise
    Good Afternoon Jaycees, Let s keep the Excitement Building and the Momentum Growing...... Make sure you are communicating with your current members for their
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2007
      Good Afternoon Jaycees,

      Let's keep the Excitement Building and the Momentum Growing......

      Make sure you are communicating with your current members for their renewals and talking to people to sign new members. Below is information regarding Incentives and our Membership Status for August. Let's keep showing our Minnesota Jaycees PRIDE!

      Incentives we currently have going on for you are as follows:

      * Jaycee Apparel for Chapters signing 5 new members or 10 new members the months of July and August

      * $25 added to the pot for every month the state is at growth, keep adding your name to the year end drawing for every increment of 11 members you sign this year (must turn in your list of new members)

      * increase your retention and help the state reach 65% retention, an additional $100 will be added to the year end drawing

      ***watch for new incentives to come

      I know it's a holiday weekend, but we are still finalizing August membership and reaching for another month of membership growth. I believe it can be done, but it's a continuous effort and one that involves everyone. Please make sure you are following up with your renewals and talking to people about becoming a member.

      If you have renewals not yet turned in or new members to sign up, please get their information turned in right away. We need your final August renewals and new members by Tuesday, September 4th...please try to get the information in ASAP, by 3pm so we know how we're doing. If you haven't turned in your September renewals yet, now is the time to get those in as well.

      As of 4pm on August 30th here's how membership was looking for the Minnesota Jaycees:
      184 renewals (58%)
      70 new members (22%)
      - 63 for the month

      I know it may look like we still need a lot, but there's still membership out there that just needs to be turned in and people that just need to be asked to join. I believe we can do this. I hope you will join me in this believe and make it happen again in August. Let's get to growth.

      Minnesota Jaycees reach membership growth for the Fourth Month in August!

      I'd love to be saying this to you next weekend and what a great way to start off convention and just one more thing to celebrate and be Proud of!

      Thank you in advance for your efforts,

      It's all about PRIDE!

      Laura Heise
      76th President
      Minnesota Jaycees
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