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ANNOUNCING trainings for 2013 annual convention!

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  • Tad Johnson
    Hello Minnesota Jaycees! We are extremely excited to announce a plethora of outstanding trainings available to you at your upcoming annual convention. Please
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      Hello Minnesota Jaycees! We are extremely excited to announce a plethora of outstanding trainings available to you at your upcoming annual convention. Please take the time to attend as many of these trainings as possible to get the most out of your convention experience. Be sure to thank our trainers for all their hard work to make our conventions as valuable as they are!


      Informal Communication "training" – Friday Evening
      Presented by: 2013 MN Jaycees President Kris Wilke, and Sara Piekarsi
      This will be a 30 minute, informal informational training about social media and the communication tools the Minnesota Jaycees use to provide the most relevant information possible from state staff to local members. Some of the tools covered will be: J-Mail/MNJC Yahoo Groups, Facebook, and Twitter. Come get signed up and learn how to use these tools to your, and your chapter's, advantage!


      The Chair

      Presented by: Mike Glum

      This seminar focuses on the way we treat each other. Most people treat strangers better than friends or family. Participants will learn how to get along with others and achieve greater success in life.


      1. To make people aware that sometimes we treat certain people like objects and consequently do not thank them enough.

      2. To learn how we can control our behaviors in winning or losing situations.

      3. To make people aware that collaboration is a winning formula; teamwork can make a difference.


      The NEW Annual Report/Blue Chip: Civic Leadership Certification Program

      Presented by: 2013 MN Jaycees Management VP Heather Noyes, and 2013 MN Jaycees PM Anne Regan

      Start your chapter's 2013 year off with the new tools for success! Come and learn about the new Civic Leadership Certification program (which replaces the old Chip programs), the new Awards categories and criteria, and how to build your Annual Report throughout the year. This will be a great hands-on opportunity to get your 2013 Jaycee year started on the right foot!


      If You Build It, They Will Come

      Presented by: Fay Poissant, 2013 US Jaycees National Membership Director
      Who should attend: anyone interested in creating an impact by inviting more people to join the Jaycees.
      Many hands make light work, so the more Jaycees we have, the more impact we can make.  During this session, we will talk about several different ways to proactively seek out potential members in order to make the greatest impact in our communities.


      The Value of Membership

      Presented by: Fay Poissant, 2013 US Jaycees National Membership Director
       should attend: anyone interested in learning more about how to get the most out of your membership.
      During this session, we'll have some interactive discussions about why people are attracted to the Jaycees, and how we can ensure our members are maximizing their opportunities within our organization.


      Featured Speaker: Matt Booth

      Matt Booth is the ATTITUDE EXPERT. Matt is an engaging speaker and author who encourages people to chase their dreams. He is direct, thought-provoking, and inspiring. To achieve Personal Satisfaction and Professional Success, Matt’s philosophy is simple: You Must Be Yourself and Improve Yourself!


      We are excited to be able to offer multiple trainings by Matt Booth for our annual convention. Topics include:


       During awards: "Remote Control Life"

      General Assembly: "Chase your Dreams"
      Get more out of life with this nationally known goal setting and action seminar. Accomplish more, learn more, and earn more. Live life more fully. Learn how to not only set goals but how to achieve them. Today, we live in a microwave, throw-away, live-for-the-moment society. If personal or business goals are achieved, it is often accomplished by accident. When you know how to set and achieve your goals, you’re in charge of your life ... you determine the direction in which you’ll sail. This goal setting seminar can help you take control of your personal and professional life—attitude, relationships, time management, health and fitness, communication, and finances—so that you determine where you’re going.

      Break out sessions: "Love the Stage"

      Ever notice how some seemingly gifted speakers make it look so easy? How do they do that? What if I could do that? If you're like most professionals, you've sat through too many mind-numbing, dull presentations. What would it mean to you if you knew how to be successful with every presentation you gave?

      Executive speech coach Matt Booth simplifies the process of preparing and delivering a presentation. The objective is to increase your comfort, effectiveness, and confidence in front of a room. Whether you are communicating to a couple of people, a board of directors or an audience of 500, these simple tips and techniques, that most people overlook, can make all the difference. This program will give you the how to’s – so that you can have resounding success with every speech and presentation you give. Never simply take the stage again. Instead: Love It!

      Hour of Power: "The Grey Sweat Pants - my Jaycee experience by Matt Booth"


      Tad Johnson

      2012 Training Program Manager

      Minnesota Jaycees

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