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  • Sally Kellen
    Aug 19, 2014

     Heres to the the start of our trimester .  Start out right with the form and keep track of your road runs for the last trimester.  Any after August 15.   

    Just in case anyone needs this form and some guidelines.

    We have changed a few rules this year. 
    State staff CAN count for chapter road runs up to 10 per trimester.
    (but NOT state president or executive staff (vps) this including myself as road run pm)
    RD/DD do count toward chapter road runs OUTSIDE of there Region.
    Also all other state pm positions can count for chapter road runs also. Not for individual.

    No award will be given for less than 5 road runs - individual or chapter at convention.
    But please send in any chapter or individual road run you may have so we can track them.  Chapters do get points for each chapter road run.
    I think I have covered the new changes that have been in effect all year. 
    Please see attached Road Run logs you can use to keep them in orderly fashion but any napkin, paper etc will work also if needed.  But please get the chapter your visited to sign the document.
    If you have any question please reach out and ask me.
    Sally Koltes
    2014 Road Run PM
    Statesman #1569
    320 291 2994 text/call

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