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1775Competitions at Fall All State

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  • Paula Heyer
    Aug 17, 2014

      Convention is right around the corner!  As you are planning for convention you should also think about participating in competitions!  Yes, competitions!  Individual Development competitions in the area of public speaking, essay writing, and debate offer members of the organization the unique opportunity to test and showcase their skills at a statewide level.


      Available competitions (check official agenda for times/locations):

      Jaycee Jeopardy (Saturday) –test your Jaycee knowledge with this short mind boggling exam based on information from the state website, Gopher, and the book, A Legacy of Leadership.  No need to sign up! Just show up on Friday night!

      Speak-up (Friday afternoon) – gives you the opportunity to practice your public speaking skills.  Plus you will get feedback on your speech.  Did you say “umm”, “like” or “ahh” and other improvements that you can make and where you did a great job. 

      Topics for the prepared 3-5 min speech are one of the following:

      1."If only I could….

      2." You owe me a high five because…. 

      3. "I’m taking a stand on……..

      The 3-5 mins impromptu speech will follow after everyone has completed their prepared speech.

      Write-up (Saturday)- opportunity to write on a give topic and be judged on your penmanship, grammar, spelling, sentence structure and opening and conclusions.  The 30 min impromptu write-up will occur at convention.  Topics will be given right as the event starts.

      Debate (Friday afternoon) - opportunity for three person teams to debate on the PRO or CON of a given topic.   See the website for the timeframe given for this event!

      Sign-up is located on the MNjaycees.org website (please sign up at least a week before convention, to ensure that I have enough judges and time allowed for the competition)   More information on all of the competitions is located at the MN Jaycees website  http://mnjaycees.org/jaycee-programs/individual-development-competitions  

      More information is located at the MN Jaycees website http://mnjaycees.org/jaycee-programs/individual-development-competitions

      If you have any questions about any of the competitions please feel free to reach out to me.  Also I highly suggest that you attend the debate or speak-up competitions as this is the best way to learn more about these events before you compete!


      Paula Heyer

      2014 Competitions Program Manager
      JCI Trainer & MN Jaycees Statesman #1524
      JCI-Junior Chamber International (Jaycees)
      mankato.org ~ MNJaycees.org ~  USJaycees.org ~ JCI.cc    507-327-0377
      Mission: To provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change.