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  • Maybe you all know but Frank Anderson, Kitemaug Press, passed away early this morning. This wonderful, brilliant, librarian, miniature book publisher was my friend. We worked together on the Miniature Book Society Competition and Catalog for a number of years. He was so gracious, so deeply funny, so intelligent. He loved his good wife, Jeanette, so much. I am so grieving this great...
    Williamson, Barbara J. Nov 14, 2013
  • Ray and I add our warm thank you for the Yearbook. So much work done so well. Our volunteers need big trophies for their contributions! Don't think we members don't know or appreciate what you've done. Great Job! Barbara Williamson
    Barbara Williamson Mar 26, 2010
  • A new exhibit, "Shrunken Treasures: Miniaturization in Books and Art" features 30 small-scale manuscripts and rare books from the Walters collection, ranging from religious texts, such as the Books of Hours and Korans, to almanacs and books of poetry. Starting this week and on until November Wednesday through Sunday 10 am to 5 pm. Getting a lot of press in the northeast USA. If you...
    Barbara Williamson Aug 11, 2009
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  • This could only happen to Frank Anderson. I just know he will make a book out of this. Should make a great one. He is a treasure to all of us and especially to Ray and I. Barbara Williamson
    Barbara Williamson Nov 4, 2007
  • Dear Miniature Book Enthusiasts, First, you folks know me in MBS - Barbara Williamson. I am usually not a nut, trust this. This weekend September 8 – 11th, the Miniature Book Society will meet in Ann Arbor, Michigan for our Annual Conclave Get-together. I was in a bookstore today in Maryland and told the bookseller about the Conclave in Ann Arbor. Her eyes widened hugely and she...
    barbarawilliamson Sep 3, 2006
  • The 2006 Miniature Book Competition Exhibition has been judged by our excellent jurors. Three Distinguished Winners have been selected and the catalog is ready for distribution at the Miniature Book Society Conclave next weekend, September 8 - 11 in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Everyone not attending will be notified as soon as we return from the Conclave. This years' winners are a real...
    barbarawilliamson Sep 2, 2006
  • Hi Patrice, You really should come to the Miniature Book Society's Conclave in New Orleans Louisana in July. There is a Book Fair there and many vendors who will probably have lots of silver bound mini books. Go to www.mbs.org for more information. It is a great and welcoming group of people who just relish a new comrade in the miniature book arena. There is a seller named Lani...
    Barbara Williamson Jun 5, 2005
  • The Art of Books The University of Alabama has partnered with the University of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries to sponsor Publishers' Bindings Online 1815 - 1930: The Art of Books (PBO) at http://bindings.lib.ua.edu/. The focus of the PBO is build awareness of the role book bindings played between 1815 and 1930, reflecting art, culture, history and the evolution of the binding...
    barbarawilliamson May 23, 2005
  • Phil, You make an excellent point regarding raising prices. Having been an MBS Board member for a few years now, I can assure you the Board is very interested in the concerns of the membership. Everything costs so much more in every way. Mailings to the entire MBS international membership costs several hundred dollars depending on what we are trying to send. The price of our...
    Barbara Williamson Apr 11, 2005
  • A reminder that all entries for the 2005 Miniature Book Society Competition must be received by April 15, 2005. Please note that my address has changed. I don't want to post it broadly but if you need it or an entry form, please just reply to this email. Barbara Williamson Miniature Book Society Competition, Chair
    barbarawilliamson Mar 21, 2005