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  • Neale M Albert
    It is hard to advise you without seeing a list of the collection (does one exist? If not you should create one to maximize the value of the collection). I am a
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 18, 2005
      It is hard to advise you without seeing a list of the collection (does one
      exist? If not you should create one to maximize the value of the

      I am a collector of miniature books. I live in ncy. I have about 3,000
      miniature books. Now I'm mostly collecting, through commissions, miniature
      designer bindings.

      I publish miniature books, under the Piccolo Press imprint.

      I created the Yahoo list and I am its moderator.

      I just completed a four year term as the President of the Miniature Book
      Society, so I know most of what you want to know.

      I assume that you want to sell them, yes?

      How much time are you willing to devote to this effort? A lot or a little?

      There are a number of ways to go.

      E Bay. Too much work for so many books.

      Auction. Hard to know without knowing what you have.

      If you want to become a miniature book dealer, you should first of all join
      the Miniature Book Society. Go to www.mbs.org. The members of the society
      would be your best customers. You could advertise in the Newsletter. You
      could attend our annual Conclave book sale.

      A washington fine book dealer recently bought a collection of first rate
      miniature books and did a first rate catalog. Joshua Heller. Wwwm
      joshuahellerrareboks.com. You should buy a copy of this catalog.

      Its strange that I never heard of the Book Board. Was he trying to sell
      them? You wouldn't buy multiple copies of a book otherwise than to sell
      them. That's very uusual. I thought I knew of all the miniature book
      dealers, but I never heard of him. And I go to
      Bedford from time to time.

      Finally, and this is a complete shot in the dark, I might be interested to
      be your "partner" in selling these books. I have thought of becoming a
      miniature book dealer since retiring as a lawyer at the end of last year.

      If this is of any interest to you let me know now and we can start a

      Again, the first step for you must be to compile a list unless one already

      Do be in touch with me.

      Neale M. Albert
      815 Park Avenue
      New York, NY 10021

      212 861 9093

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