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New Orleans Conclave Update

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  • Tamela Camp
    Dear MBS Members, It is difficult to believe that 4 weeks from tomorrow, we will begin to gather in New Orleans for Grand Conclave XXIII. I am excited about
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 21, 2005
      Dear MBS Members,

      It is difficult to believe that 4 weeks from tomorrow, we will begin to
      gather in New Orleans for Grand Conclave XXIII. I am excited about the
      upcoming meeting and am still working hard to nail down all the final
      details to try to make this a truly memorable and pleasurable event for
      all who attend. There are a few items that I need to address with you at
      this time.

      First, this is a reminder that although today was the deadline printed in
      the registration packet, I have extended the registration until July 1st.
      So, if you want to come, there is still time to sign up. Please let me
      know to expect your registration, and I will go ahead and add you to my
      list of attendees. I am scheduled to get with the Convention Sales
      Manager on July 5th, so I really need my final numbers by then. If you
      are considering coming, but you will not know for sure by this date,
      please contact me via e-mail or telephone and we can discuss your
      situation. I have already spoken to a few members who fall into this
      category due to health or other matters, and I am more than happy to
      accommodate as I can.

      Second, Tracie Lewis, Director of Sales, told me that our deadline to
      book a room under the MBS Special rate is ALSO July 1st; so if you have
      not yet booked your room at the Royal St. Charles hotel, it is not too
      late. It really helps for as many people as possible to stay at the
      conclave hotel. We have certain numbers that we need to meet under
      contract. I do not know that you could find a better rate anywhere else,
      and I speak from experience when I say that it is much better to stay at
      the conclave hotel rather than be off premises. However, I know that this
      is not always possible for everyone. The hotel's phone numbers are:
      1.800.268.9749 toll free in the U.S. or 1.504.587.3700 if you live where
      the toll free number does not work. The rate is $89.00 per night, but
      please be sure to tell them that you are with MBS. Also, if you plan to
      come in before Thursday or stay Monday or later, tell them that you still
      want the conclave rate. They may say that they cannot do the rate for
      those days, but THEY CAN!!! Use Ms. Lewis' name if you need to.

      Third, many of you asked about getting a list of people planning to
      attend this year's meeting. So, the best way to get the list out to the
      largest number of people is through this group. So, a list of confirmed
      attendees follows in two categories.

      Jana Pribikova
      Jan Kellett

      Jill Timm
      Darleen Cordova
      Eileen Cummings
      Joan Knoertzer
      Ray and Barbara Williamson
      Pat Baldwin
      Stephen Byrne
      Michael and Jeanne Garbett
      Neale and Margaret Albert
      Grace Broecker
      Joan and Jim Lorson
      Vivian Strong(Lorson's)
      Bob and Eloise Massman
      Joan Lamarque
      Darragh Hunter
      Kimberly Molitor
      John and Joy Tonkin
      Kathy King
      Marnie Flook
      Audrey Arellanes
      Janet King
      Caroline Lindemann
      Kendra Slaughter(Bromer's)
      Pat and Steve Pistner
      Jarmila Sobota
      Maryline Poole Adams and Jim Adams
      Sirje Coupland
      Svetlana and Andrey Trofymenko
      Angelika Jaeck
      Twyla Racz
      Robert and Sandy Bradbury
      Tammy Camp
      Debbie Allen
      Jim Harner
      Joan Boring
      Frank and Jeanette Anderson
      Peter Thomas
      Paul, Mary, and Tom Devenyi
      Karen Nyman
      Suzanne Pruchnicki
      Melinda Brown
      David and Ann St. Onge
      Tom Parks
      Jarmila Sequensova
      Vladimir Ilyin

      Carol and Harout Kouyoumdjian
      Father Joe Curran
      Klara Voctarova
      Gabrielle Fox
      Edward Hoyenski
      Stephen Cape

      There are a few people who are still in various stages of the undecided
      category. If you know them, you might want to encourage them to join us
      if at all possible. The list includes: Julian Edison, Barbara Raheb, Jon
      Mayo, Evron Collins, perhaps some others.

      Please, let me know if a. You are on one of these lists but are in the
      wrong category, b. You are not on any of the lists but should be, c. You
      are not on any of these lists, but now that you have read them and
      thought about it, you want to be!!!!. You can reach me at
      tcminibks@... or at 601.582.3743. If you are in contact with
      someone who doesn't have e-mail, but they need any or all of this info,
      please let them know to contact me.

      I do hope this helps all who needed this information. If you are
      teetering on the edge of indecision about coming us in New Orleans,
      please take the plunge and join us for a great weekend. You will be glad
      that you did!

      Best wishes to you all. Have a safe and pleasant journey to New Orleans.

      Your 2005 MBS Conclave Host,
      Tammy Camp
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