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Fw: 2005 Conclave

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  • Tamela Camp
    Hello MBS Friends, I just wanted to thank all of you who have sent in your registration for the 2005 MBS Grand Conclave in New Orleans this July. It is great
    Message 1 of 1 , May 21, 2005
      Hello MBS Friends,

      I just wanted to thank all of you who have sent in your registration for
      the 2005 MBS Grand Conclave in New Orleans this July. It is great to see
      all the people that are planning to attend. I encourage all of you who
      are planning to attend to go and ahead and register soon. It helps
      tremendously with the planning when you have definite numbers. I also
      want to encourage those of you who are still trying to decide to go ahead
      and take the plunge! You will have a great time making new friends and
      visiting with "old" ones as well as visiting a beautiful and fascinating
      part of the Old South. It goes almost without saying that seeing all the
      fantastic works of art we call miniature books makes it all worth the
      time, money and effort to get to our destination!

      If you know that you are coming but are not able to send payment yet, why
      not e-mail me at tcminibks@... and let me know, so that I can know
      who and how many to expect as I begin to turn in numbers to the caterer
      and planner. I especially would like to know how many are planning to
      stay for the trip on Monday so that the planner can book the reservations
      for that. Since it is an outside contractor, I really need to have this
      number finalized soon. For our mutual friends who are not computer savvy,
      just tell them to call me at 601.582.3743.

      Just a reminder that those who pay by PayPal need to include $15.00 US
      for the service charge the Society is charged for the processing of the
      payment to our account. I request that only those without a U.S. bank
      account use this service, because of the additional paperwork, postage
      and time that is needed to get the PayPal funds from our treasurer to me.

      I will be undergoing an outpatient surgical procedure on Tuesday, May
      24th, so I will be out of contact for at least a few days of recovery
      time. But after that, I will be available for questions and dialogue.
      School is officially over for me on Monday, so I will have a great deal
      more free time, which works well as we speed towards our weekend together
      in just over 2 months.

      Also, don't forget to vote for the MBS offices that are up for election
      this year. The ballot adjoins the conclave information in the April 2005
      newsletter. It is disheartening when only a few ballots are cast in our

      Thank you for allowing me to host Grand Conclave XXIII. I am excited to
      show you the beauty and hospitality of my region of the United States of
      America. I am anxious to see all of you soon. The Conclave is one of my
      most favorite weekends of the year. I hope that you feel the same way and
      will be joining us in New Orleans July 22nd-25th(or earlier--some of us
      will be arriving around the 20th).

      Best wishes for a great summer and a safe trip to New Orleans,
      Tammy Camp
      Grand Conclave XXIII Host
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