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  • Neale M Albert
    This is really interesting. ... From: oakknoll Sent: 02/03/2005 05:39 PM To: Neale M Albert/PaulWeiss@PaulWeiss Subject: Tiny Books Dear Neale, What s tiny,
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      This is really interesting.

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      From: oakknoll
      Sent: 02/03/2005 05:39 PM
      To: Neale M Albert/PaulWeiss@PaulWeiss
      Subject: Tiny Books

      Dear Neale,

      What's tiny, collectible and way too much fun for children to play with? Miniature books! We have created a catalogue of over 100 of these tiny treasures. To see these marvels of miniaturization, click on the link below:

      Some of the ones guaranteed to make you OOOH and AHHH:

      (Oldham) Incline Press 2004 miniature book 3 x 2.25 inches marbled paper covered boards, paper cover label, slipcase (vi), 9 pages followed by 10 specimens, and (2) pages
      A miniature book printed letterpress in an edition limited to 100 numbered and signed copies. Introduction followed by ten tipped in marbling specimens depicting flowers, insects, and trees. each individual specimen is protected with a tissue guard. The presentation of Ebru in this miniature format is quite compelling. Out of print.
      Price: $250.00
      Click here: <http://www.oakknoll.com/detail.php?d_booknr=78394>

      Illustrated by Tasha Tudor Worcester Achilles J. St. Onge (1965) miniature book (3 5/8 x 2 5/8 inches) smooth green leather, dust jacket, all edges gilt (36) pages.
      First printing of this miniature book (Hare T189) with the dedication present and bound in smooth green leather. The dedication to Tasha Tudor's husband was removed from subsequent printings. Issued in 14,000 copies and printed by Joh. Enschede in Holland (See Massmann XIII in his bibliography of St. Onge). Illustrated throughout in color by Tudor.
      Price: $100.00
      Click here: <http://www.oakknoll.com/detail.php?d_booknr=78418>

      (Denby Dale) The Fleece Press 2002 miniature book, 1.75 inches tall x 3 inches decorated paper covered boards 65 pages.
      Printed in an edition limited to 285 copies. This miniature book reproduces a 1588 essay on papermaking by Thomas Churchyard, an English writer who published occasional verse, wartime pamphlets, pageants for Queen Elizabeth I and historical and antiquarian works. Includes 10 engravings by Anthony Christmas. Printed on Queen Anne handmade paper in 6 point Garamond set by Peter Sanderson.
      Price: $75.00
      Click here: <http://www.oakknoll.com/detail.php?d_booknr=71562>

      (New Britain CT) Sans Souci (1963) 2-1/2" x 1-3/4" stiff paper wrappers in cardboard chemise (ii), 44, (2)
      Limited to 400 copies, this book began as the work of Anton Bohm of San Souci Press, in Denver, who passed away before the project was completed. Robert E. Massman, after consultation with Bohm's widow, was able to complete the book from New Britain CT. This tiny volume contains a memoriam to Mr. Bohm, the bibliofantasy of Bauer and an epilogue by Massman. The story was first printed in Marburger Spiegel in 1957. Bohm gained permission to translate and publish it in English for Bohm's Literary Anecdotes. In this volume, pages 7-35 set by hand and printed by Anton Bohm on a Sigwalt 6 by 9 handpress. Title page border reduced from the handmade title page from Literary Anecdotes . All other typography by Massman; lithographed at Central Connecticut State College. Both the book and chemise have illustration of the Gutenberg Museum.
      Price: $40.00
      Click here: <http://www.oakknoll.com/detail.php?d_booknr=79317>

      We hope you enjoy these little books as much as we do.

      Best wishes,
      Your Oak Knollers

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