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  • greta@skolnickassoc.com
    Hello Emma, In reply to your request: 1. Working on a dollhouse 1/12 scale and needed books for a library. 2. - 3. - 4. Tried to make my own, using a computer
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 24, 2004
      Hello Emma,
      In reply to your request:
      1. Working on a 'dollhouse 1/12 scale and needed books for a library.
      2. - 3. - 4. Tried to make my own, using a computer and copy machine. Much
      to bulky...
      5. Major break thru - on what I can and can not attempt to create. Have
      then LOOKED TO PURCHASE, from $1. to $38. (that is my limit, at this time
      08/24/2004. and my 'hubby' thinks I am too much a detail person, only
      looking for the 'best')
      6. The 'chat sites' on the WEB - I have found wonderful small 1/12 books
      from Scotland. UK. thanks to my internet groups.
      7. You ask, 'where to sell' There in lies a problem for me, at the present
      time I am toying with the idea of divesting my dollhouse's and tools - since
      I know there is no one to look after my collection and I too ask the same
      question, HOW DO I SELL MY STUFF ?
      8. My buying has changed since I started in 1980 - first, at 'miniature
      stores' 2nd at special shows, like: IGMA I love the artist and follow there
      work thru the International Guild of Miniature Artists, also, local shows
      like Mini Mania in Newark NJ and the show in Philadelphia, PA. I started
      with 'good' went to 'better' and since 1982 only look for the "BEST" and
      Looking forward to your reply and 'thesis on Miniature Books'.
      All the best.

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      1. Help! Thesis on Miniature Books.
      From: "schumachere1" <schumachere@...>


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      Date: Tue, 24 Aug 2004 11:13:10 -0000
      From: "schumachere1" <schumachere@...>
      Subject: Help! Thesis on Miniature Books.

      Hi, my name is Emma. I am new to this group and am seeking help:

      I am a postgraduate student at Oxford Brookes University in England,
      studying for a Masters degree in Publishing. I am currently writing a
      dissertation on miniature books and would be very grateful if you
      could help me by answering some questions. My dissertation focuses on
      production techniques employed in miniature printing and binding,
      specifically how computer technology has influenced and changed the

      I would be grateful for as many replies as possible: any input would
      be much appreciated and any information would be treated
      confidentially. I understand that time is a valuable
      commodity and trade secrets have to be respected, so please
      ignore questions you find difficult or inappropriate and add as
      much detail as you have time to include. Specifically I am
      interested in any information regarding the way you print and
      bind your books.

      All I can offer in return is to email my finished thesis to any
      contributors who are interested, but my experience with people in the
      miniature book world so far has been of a close-nit group of very
      friendly people - a group I hope to join!

      Thank you very much for help.

      Yours sincerely,

      Emma Schumacher

      1. How did you get into miniature book making?

      2. How long have you been making miniature books?

      3. Do you print and bind your books, or do you out source to
      printers and/or binders? In which case, are they specialist
      printers/binders? Do you use moveable type?

      4. How much do you use computer technology in making miniature
      books? If you do your own printing, do you print from the
      computer, or do you use a hand press or another technique?

      5. How has the way you make miniature books changed over the
      course of your career?

      6. Has the widespread introduction of the Internet affected the
      way you sell and market your books?

      7. Where do you mainly sell your books? Via the web, specialist
      publications, collectors' fairs, special bookshops, craft
      shops, etc?

      8. How has the way you sell your books changed over the past 5 -
      10 years (or as long as you have been in business)?

      Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions!

      (email: schumachere@...)


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