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Re: [miniaturebooks] Talks

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  • Jon Mayo
    Well done, Stephen. Robert Bradbury recently started a talk by holding one of the little Waldemann s Lord s Prayer between two fingers while he introduced
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      Well done, Stephen.

      Robert Bradbury recently started a talk by holding one of the little
      Waldemann's "Lord's Prayer" between two fingers while he
      introduced the subject of miniature books in general.

      With just a minimum of showmanship, it's relatively easy to hold an
      audience with such a fascinating subject as very tiny books.


      minibookman wrote:

      > Hi everybody, I just thought I would add my ideas about talking to
      > groups. I wrote about my talks in the last MBS Newsletter, but will
      > expand a little here.
      > Since I gave my first talk - rather tentatively I must say - I have
      > found that there has been a regular flow of requests from other
      > groups to visit them.
      > Firstly I tell my audience that questions are welcome at any stage
      > of my talk. Then I discuss the definition of a miniature book - i.e.
      > the size. I explain the different sizes, from 4" down to the
      > micro mini books.
      > I show examples of each one so that the audience can get some idea
      > of comparative size.
      > Next I explain how I became interested in miniature books - and how
      > I go about collecting them, and talk about different collecting
      > criteria.
      > Next follows a brief history. I found that the Doris Welsh book 'The
      > History of Miniature Books' (available from John Mayo) offers a
      > suitable framework and excellent background, and refer to Bondy and
      > to Spielmann and, of course, Bradbury.
      > All the time I try to show examples of what I am talking about, as
      > that helps people understand.
      > I then go on to tell how I design and make my books, showing
      > examples of books at each stage, and finally
      > inviting a member of the audience to come to the front and make a
      > simple single section book whilst I talk them through it and show
      > the rest of the audience what is going on.
      > The audience then has the opportunity to examine some of my
      > collection.
      > The whole thing is done in as light-hearted manner as possible - I
      > soon learnt to watch for signs that I was getting too dull!
      > I don't know if this will be of any use, but it may be the start for
      > you. You will no doubt find that once you have given one talk
      > somebody will pass your name to somebody else and then you will get
      > more and more invitations.
      > The good thing I have found is that the kind of group I speak to
      > tend to book their speakers up to a year in advance (I already have
      > some for November 2004) so it is possible to moderate the regularity
      > of speaking.
      > Do give it a try - you'll be amazed at the interest and positive
      > response from all kinds of people who, up until you talk to them,
      > would think of miniature books as mere novelties.
      > Let's keep the discussion going - it would be good to hear from
      > somebody who has given their first talk.
      > Good wishes to all my friends in MBS.
      > Stephen Byrne
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