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  • Neale M Albert
    From: Frances Armstrong [farmstro@sentex.net] Sent: 09/27/2003 07:50 AM To: miniaturebooks@yahoogroups.com Subject: [miniaturebooks] Returning member I was
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      From: "Frances Armstrong" [farmstro@...]
      Sent: 09/27/2003 07:50 AM
      To: miniaturebooks@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [miniaturebooks] Returning member

      I was one of those at the first conclave at Miriam Irwin's farm (for
      proof see the Amistad Courier November 1983, where I'm even in a
      photo). I attended other conclaves at Chicago and Ottawa, but at the
      time I was a poor "mature" graduate student and then became an aging
      unemployed Ph.D., so I couldn't afford to remain a member.

      For a number of reasons I'm now returning to focus on miniature books
      again, and hope to see some of you at the public sales on Sunday, and
      perhaps at the Osborne collection (though unfortunately I haven't
      inherited a fortune in the meantime).

      I seem to be unusual in having a special interest in "reading copies"
      of miniature books. Some years ago I spent time as a post-doctoral
      fellow studying the whole notion of the miniature, and one area I'd
      like to explore more is the actual reading as well as ownership of
      miniature books. Most of the information available is on the making
      of little books, and this is certainly fascinating, whether we're
      talking about the Bronte sisters' creations or the the beautifully
      printed and bound books available today. But I'd like to know more
      about the readers, and poor quality copies can show how and when, and
      perhaps why, these little books were read.

      So I'd love to obtain, or perhaps just look at, miniature books that
      are hardly saleable. Worn or missing pages, scribbles, stains, even
      half-copies, are all of interest. Unload your junk on me!

      I have another request, which I'll send in separately.

      Frances Armstrong

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