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Re: [miniaturebooks] Tim Sheppard

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  • tim@lilliput-p.win-uk.net
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 16, 2002
      >Does anyone have a new phone number and/or address for Tim? He's apparently

      No I haven't!

      I only went away for a few days, and I return to a deluge of
      enquiries - well it's nice to be popular.

      My address and phone number are the same as ever. If anyone wants
      them they are in the MBS yearbook and on my homepage as usual.

      I hear that a customer of mine was trying to get through to me -
      my phone is working and I've not received any calls, so I presume
      the number was wrong.

      Rest assured that I'm not intending moving, and if I do I'll post
      the changes on my website immediately.


      Tim Sheppard tim@...-uk.net
      England For huge storytelling resources and FAQ, see
      Storyteller & Trainer http://www.timsheppard.co.uk/story
      Lilliput Press Fine books in miniature: www.lilliput.co.uk
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