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So here's all the updates of email addresses I have:

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  • INKYDEW@xxx.xxx
    adamsangl@aol.com (Maryline Poole Adams), blubird@2geton.net (Joyce Barton), nwb346@webtv.net (Natalie Buchman), glen@cogent.net (Glen & Mary Helen Dawson),
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 18, 1999
      adamsangl@... (Maryline Poole Adams), blubird@... (Joyce Barton),
      nwb346@... (Natalie Buchman), glen@... (Glen & Mary Helen
      Dawson), ajaeck@... (Angelika Jaeck), benvoir@... (Ian & Helen
      Macdonald), mark.palkovic@... (Mark Palkovic), reic0096@... (Dave

      These are either new emails or changed emails.

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