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  • Neale M Albert
    I think this one will work. Computers!!!!!!!!! ... 12:23 PM --------------------------- (Embedded image moved to file: pic24464.pcx) Rosalind Fruth (Embedded
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 19, 2001
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      I think this one will work. Computers!!!!!!!!!
      ---------------------- Forwarded by Neale M Albert/PaulWeiss on 11/19/2001
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      Rosalind Fruth
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      11/19/2001 12:15 PM
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      To: Neale M Albert/PaulWeiss@PaulWeiss

      Subject: Miniature Book

      Easier crash mark: the Soho reception for XS Libris, and exhibit of
      miniature books from the collection of Neale M. Albert, including a
      4,000-year-old Babylonian clay tablet and the world's smallest book (0.9
      millimeters). Mr. Albert, a mergers-and-acquisitions lawyer by day,
      presides over a Miniature Book Society with about 400 members, including
      his wife Margaret. She's not as crazy as I am," he said. Every year
      they gather in a convention - or a "conclave," as it's known in
      miniature-book circles - and talk about their curious hobby. It all
      started when Mr. Albert (who is also, naturally, a dollhouse enthusiast)
      was trying to fill the teeny-weeny shelves inside a replica of the
      library at Cliveden House, the manor outside of London where the Profumo
      political scandal took place. Asked to explain his obsession, he said
      simply, There's something about small."

      The New York

      November 19, 2001

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