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Re: [miniature books] help

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  • Tanya Adele Koehnke
    Dear Neale, The title XS Libris is likely a play on the Latin phrase Ex Libris, which means from the library of While the XS probably denotes the
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 17, 2001
      Dear Neale,

      The title 'XS Libris' is likely a play on the Latin phrase 'Ex Libris,'
      which means 'from the library of' While the 'XS' probably denotes the
      extra small size of your books [as in the clothing size of XS or XL
      (extra large)], it also sounds out the 'excess' of your collection
      (several hundred books!). While 'XS Libris' is certainly a novel title,
      I am slightly concerned that non-bibliophiles, -semioticians, and/or
      -linguists might not 'get it.' That said, perhaps the title should tell
      the collection like it is--something like 'Wee Books' or 'Tiny Tomes'
      might work. Hmmmmm... What do *you* think the title should be?

      In any case, I do wish you the very best with your miniature book show
      to which I would prance if I lived in Soho!


      Tanya Adele Koehnke
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