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  • Paul Devenyi
    Hello there! This group has been pretty passive lately. With Conclave 18 fast approaching, why don t we try to reactivate ourselves in preparation for
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 23, 2000
      Hello there! This group has been pretty passive lately. With  Conclave 18 fast approaching, why don't we try to reactivate ourselves in preparation for Rutland. Jon Mayo informed us that about a week ago he had 74 registrations . That is promising! Given that there are always incorrigible last minute registrants, it is probable that we'll reach (or exceed) 100  - which has been the magic number of past well attended conclaves.
      It promises to be a great gathering, with both old ( and tried) and new (exprimental) features. Auction items were slow in arriving, but last week there were 200! New this year is a silent auction on the first night and a swap hour Saturday - make sure to bring your duplicates! Jon organized a conclave that has more book-related educational activities than any previous conclaves. He will also look after our nutrition generously:  full breakfasts and dinners every day.
      I know that this message does not reach the whole MBS membership, because this E-mail group consists of only 80 or 90 people, but those who read it and are still vacillating, please get your registration in this week!
      Donn Sanford assigned me  as conclave liaison of the Board. This was the easiest possible assignment because  Jon Mayo had everything under great control from the start and didn't need my meddling. ( I didn't).I hope our membership will respond ! Last year about this time, it was a lot of fun to have a roll call among one-list members about who was coming to Koblenz. We can do the same again. Mary, Tom and I are coming (this will be our tenth consecutive conclave!) How about the rest of you letting us know
      if we'll see you in Rutland?
      Paul Devenyi
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