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  • mudlarks@aol.com
    Dear Neale: No, Babos letter was not meant for anyone but him. The fact it went out over the miniaturebook one list was an inadvertant and very
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 2, 2000
      Dear Neale:
      No, Babos' letter was not meant for anyone but him. The fact it went out
      over the 'miniaturebook one list' was an inadvertant and very embarrassing
      error I can only chalk up to a combination of sub-conscious error and/or
      carelessness. I've had a couple of inquiries, so best perhaps that I explain
      in case there are others who haven't figured it out.
      I directed the letter to Babos correctly but because Ian MacDonald was
      indirectly involved, I wanted to send a copy to him also. The addresses are
      in alphabetical order in my e-mail address book and Ian currently has two
      addresses due to designing a new web site. Therefore, to make sure he
      received a copy, I intended to send the copy to both his addresses, but
      inadvertantly hit "miniature books" (my address book identification for the
      one list) rather than Ian's second address.
      I didn't realize what I'd done until I too had the letter come through to
      me on the onelist address. Very embarrassing! I immediately sent a letter
      of apology to Babos. I have since changed the identification for the onelist
      address to "one list" eliminating the generic term of miniature books and the
      chance of this ever occurring again. I guess that surely proves the old
      adage, "it doesn't pay to rush." My sincere apologies to everyone who was in
      a quandry when they read it and my assurances it won't occur again.
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