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  • Dr. Tom Parks
    What a welcome idea this exchange is! I didn t know about it earlier when I wrote a rather long (and admittedly pithy) letter to our new MBA president
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 22, 2000
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      What a welcome idea this exchange is! I didn't know about it earlier when I
      wrote a rather long (and admittedly pithy) letter to our new MBA president
      remarking on the sense of unease I had after reading the previous newsletter
      and the implied cattiness among the news reports of Conclaves, etc. Then --
      this latest newsletter arrived. What a welcome difference! In its pages I was
      fortunate enough to find the web address to this excahnge, and now I have
      renewed interest in the whole magical enterprise of miniature books. It has
      been more than a little gratifying to see the remarkable improvement in quality
      and tone of everything MBA. The note from Pat Baldwin was especially welcome
      and the reference to selling our books on the web. If I may, I'd like to add
      that if there are any authors or publishers out there willing to autograph
      their progeny for buyers on the web, I have a most successful enterprise (no
      cost involved) that may interest them. (Forgive a brief commercial.) I've
      been an MBA member for at least 20 years, and I consider this latest
      development (newsletter, new slate of officers, etc.) most welcome, including
      the Vermont site for our next Conclave. Cheers!

      At 04:02 PM 2/21/00 -0700, Pat Baldwin wrote:
      > From: Pat Baldwin <patbooks@...>
      > OK Neale, you're right. Let's get chatty!
      > DID YOU KNOW; that the MBS website got 68,300 hits in the month of January?
      > Jeez Louise, that's a lot of traffic!
      > I wish more members would take advantage of this and send me new books,
      > book wants, your collection highlights, whatever...
      > Especially the publishers. YOU can sell the little buggers on the internet,
      > if you'll just promote them! Eveywhere I go while I'm online, I put
      > references to our website. I enter it in to the top 10 search engines every
      > 3 months. About 50% of my book business is totally Internet connected.
      > While the publishers are selling, the collectors are collecting. It's
      > called a symbiotic relationship! Let's get some traffic moving in the
      > miniature book commerce area.
      > Cordially,
      > Pat
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