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Thomas Boreman miniature book (fwd)

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    FORWARDED MAIL ------- From: treehstn@oz.net ( Cheryl Hawley ) Date: 26 Nov 99 Originally To: Hi, I just found your website today.
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 27, 1999
      FORWARDED MAIL -------
      From: treehstn@... ("Cheryl Hawley")
      Date: 26 Nov 99
      Originally To: <tim@...-uk.net>


      I just found your website today. I have a miniature book by Boreman,
      copyright 1741 that is going to be auctioned by Pacific Book Auctions in San
      Francisco, CA on Dec 2. I thought you or one of your clients might be
      interested! This is a very rare copy in great shape. Here's the contact

      133 Kearny Street, 4th Floor
      San Francisco, CA 94108
      Phone: +1.415.989.2665
      Fax: +1.415.989.1664

      Cheryl Hawley
      A+ Certified Trainer
      Microsoft NT LAN Administrator
      Co. Coordinator, Kitsap County, Washington GenWeb Page
      Founder & President, Echoes of the Past Archive
      Founder & Co-Owner, New Life Enterprises
      Chief Operational Officer (COO), The Webber Group

      "Glad to spend the rest of my life Climbing Trees!!!"

      Tim Sheppard tim@...-uk.net
      Lilliput Press - Publisher of fine books in miniature
      England http://www.lilliput.co.uk
      The Storytelling FAQ is hosted here
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