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Fwd: Japanese miniature book

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  • Neale M Albert
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      > Date: September 11, 2011 11:26:26 AM EDT
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      > Subject: Japanese miniature book

      > A friend has just given me a miniature book, with this description:
      > The miniature book consists of original sumie paintings done by the Japanese painter Hokan Yabuki, autobiographies of each member of the Association of ukiyoe painters and the stories created by them. This was a fictional society. All of the seals were created by the Chinese sealman Koho. The seal impressions signify the birth names and artist names of each member of the association. The idea of the miniature book was suggested by Yabuki and was materialized in September 2010 when Koho printed it by woodblock. The book is in a match box which dates to the early Showa period. The leather bound book is made of paper dyed with persimmon tannin.
      > Does anyone know about this book or have any other information about it ?
      > Neale
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