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    best greetings Arno Gschwendtner Horae. Greek. Horae in laudem beatissimæ Virginis ... Septem psalmi poenitentiales cum Letaniis & orationibus. Adiectae sunt
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      best greetings
      Arno Gschwendtner

      Horae. Greek. Horae in laudem beatissimæ Virginis ... Septem psalmi
      poenitentiales cum Letaniis & orationibus. Adiectae sunt his preculae
      aliquot, Johannis Damasceni ...

      Hagenau, Johann Setzer, 1528. 1528 32mo. (92 x 69 mm.), ff. [128],
      Greek text, printed in red and black throughout; some light staining
      at beginning and end; later vellum. Aldus Manutius printed the first
      Greek Book of Hours at Venice in 1497/8. He issued it in a miniature
      16o. format, the smallest he employed, outside the normal run of
      production. Some 16 years later the German printer Thomas Anselm
      followed his example north of the Alps with a Greek Book of Hours
      printed in similar format (Tübingen 1514). This is another, boldly
      printed in red and black, with added prayers.
      Aldus may have printed his Greek Book of Hours with half an eye to the
      Eastern Mediterranean market but there is no doubt that he also had a
      pedagogic purpose. "Politian himself said he had learned Greek by
      studying a bilingual Bible, and the familiarity of the liturgical
      content to Latin speakers lent itself to use in these books as simple
      readers for beginners" (Martin Davies, Aldus Manutius, British Library
      Contemporary signature at foot of title, a Hellenization of the Dutch
      name Suiskens. We cannot place him but he was evidently a careful
      reader and in a series of marginal notes, draws attention to an
      extraordinary confusion in the printing house. The book is a 16mo. in
      eights where two gatherings are printed on a single sheet of paper and
      then cut apart for folding. Here the second forme to be printed of
      gatherings I and K was placed on the press the wrong way around, so
      that each leaf of gathering I carries text from gathering I on the
      recto and gathering K on the verso, and vice versa. The text is, of
      course, complete, but the reader has to jump from the recto of one
      leaf in one gathering to the verso of another in the other. We have
      not discovered whether other copies replicate this printer's error.

      * GBP 6,800.00 > other currencies
      * ordernr.: C1251
      * bookseller: Bernard Quaritch Ltd. (UNITED KINGDOM)


      The Whole Booke of Psalmes.

      London, for the Companie of Stationers 1621 32mo. ff. (ii) 171 (xix).
      Tiny Roman letter, woodcut device on t-p of the Angel of the
      Resurrection overcoming death and the Cross, typographical ornament on
      verso. Very light age browning, a good clean copy in contemp. English
      straight grained natural morocco, covers with double ruled and
      dentelle borders gilt, same motif repeated five times across spine,
      a.e.g. C18th printed bookplate of Robert Watson on pastedown. A
      charming and very rare miniature Psalter in the metrical translation
      of Thomas Sternhold, John Hopkins and others: the pages are only 1
      7/8" x 3 1/8". The Psalms were to 17th C England what the Book of
      Hours had been before the Reformation, the principal aid to regular
      private devotion and there is no reason to suppose that this edn. was
      printed in particularly small numbers. Yet so slight are the chances
      of survival of the very small vol. of a modest work (as opposed to the
      grand and large) that this edn, is recorded in only other copy, now at
      Harvard. It is unusual also to find such heavily read vols. in good
      condition, in their original bindings. Robert Watson (1719-1756),
      sometime fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Physician to
      Westminster Hospital, was described in the Gentleman's Magazine as "a
      real scholar, an excellent physician, an admirable philosopher and in
      every consideration, a most worthy person". Watson's library labels
      appear dated and undated; examples of both are in the Royal College of
      Physicians. STC. 2574.5. (single copy) cf. Lee, Early Printed Book
      Labels pp. 115-6. SNL162.

      * GBP 2,250.00 > other currencies
      * ordernr.: 675
      * bookseller: Sokol Books Ltd. (UNITED KINGDOM)


      CICERO, M. Tulli
      De Officiis Libri III

      Amsterdam: Gulielmus Caesius, 1625 32mo, 428pp. +index. Miniature
      edition of Cicero's De Officiis.According to H. T. Sheringham, in a
      1902 article, "The smallest Amsterdam book I have seen is a Cicero de
      Officiis, printed by Gulielmus Caesius in 1625, and measuring only 2
      5/8". by 1 5/8"." The book contains, in addition to De officiis, Cato
      maior sive de senectute, Lælius vel de amicitia, Paradoxa VI,
      Scipionis somnium, and De res militari, of uncertain authorship, as an
      appendix. A beautiful copy in full red morocco, gilt. Lacking the
      index pages after the letter "P", yet very rare: only two copies on
      OCLC, none in the US.

      * USD 3,750.00 > other currencies
      * bookseller: Lame Duck Books (USA)


      GOLDSMITH, John.]

      The Company of Stationers, 1824. 64mo. miniature, 55 x 32 mm., in the
      original paper-covered boards. Enclosed in a superb silver-gilt
      filigree case, each panel with diamond-shaped central lozenge, filled
      throughout with a delicate lace-like design in coiled silver wire, the
      whole with a rope border and floral corner-pieces with a matching
      clasp. Pp. (xxiv), all edges gilt, with engraved explanation, view of
      St.Pancras New Church on 4 pages, and engraved page of common notes.
      Blank leaves at beginning and end, the whole printed on stiff paper.
      Provenance: purchased at the sale of Northcliffe Hall, Styal,
      Cheshire, home of the Greg family, in the early 1950s.

      * GBP 1,500.00 > other currencies
      * ordernr.: 53810

      * bookseller: R.F.G. Hollett & Son (UNITED KINGDOM)


      Officium B. Mariæ Virginis nuper reformatum.

      Antwerp: Officina Plantiniana, 1677. Thick 8vo., early burgundy
      velvet, with the bookplate of the noted collector of miniature books,
      Wilber Macy Stone. A SUPERB COPY of what is almost a miniature book.
      The bordered page size measures 72mm by 45mm; with its margins in
      tact, the page sizes of this copy vary between 110mm by 77mm and 83mm
      by 47mm. The entire work is printed in black and red; there are
      numerous full-page engravings interspersed throughout the text. No
      copy has appeared at auction in the past fifteen years. The Houghton
      copy, which was TRIMMED, sold at Christie's in 1979 for nearly $400.

      * USD 2,500.00 > other currencies
      * bookseller: The Book Block (USA)



      (Vienna) K.K. Hofbibliothek (1912) 22 pp.; (126) pp. A facsimilie of
      Viennese printer Ludwig Bonnoberger's famous prayer book of 1607,
      presented to a gathering of bibliophiles at the Imperial Court Library
      in September 1912. Bound in buff cloth shot with silver threads. All
      edges are gilt and gauffered, with two indented circles to each edge.
      The book is housed in a scooped out compartment at the back of a
      larger (24mo.) volume of twenty-two pages. This work, bound in
      olive-green cloth lettered in gilt on the spine, discusses details of
      Bonnoberger's tiny prayer book and miniature books in general, in
      German. The leaves are followed by the secret compartment, wherein the
      facsimilile prayer book lies. Facsimilie volume very fine, larger
      volume with minor discoloration to foot of spine, else fine. Bookplate
      of noted miniature-book collector Kathryn Rickard. (Welsh 546).
      (facsimilie 1 3/16 by 7/8; 30x21mm.).

      * USD 1,750.00 > other currencies
      * ordernr.: 21728

      * bookseller: Bromer Booksellers Inc. (USA)


      The Whole Booke of Pslames Collected into English Meeter by T[homas].
      Sternhold, I{John] Hopkins, and others.

      London: Company of Stationers, 1630. 32mo. 72 x 47mm. A-2A8.
      [1],171,[18]leaves.[2], 171 [i.e. 346], [36]pp. Contemporary
      embroidered binding with red, green and blue silk threads woven over
      metalic silver wire in styalized floral arrangements; a.e.g., spine
      and joints slightly cracked, cords are intact, lacks clasp; in a
      marbled board, pull-off case. From the library of Wilbur Macey Stone
      (noted collector of miniature books). [For a similar binding see:
      Frederick Bearman et al., Fine And Historic Bookbindings From The
      Folger Shakespeare Library, p 137.] Woodcut emblematic t.p. "In the
      centuries before printing, the most important and lavishly decorated
      manuscripts were usually clothed in elaborate coverings bearing the
      work of the goldsmith, or in the case of textile coverings, the work
      of a skilled embroiderer. Unfortunately fabrics, particularly velvet,
      do not have the lasting qualities of animal skins, and only a
      comparatively small number of examples of such coverings have
      survived. Most velvet and embroidered bindings on printed books date
      from the 16th and 17th centuries...In England the popular embroidered
      bindings of the first half of the 17th century were rarely produced
      after the Civil War..." [Fine & Historic Bookbindings From The Folger
      Shakespeare Library,1992.] STC 2613.5 (two copies only).Not in ESTC.

      * USD 1,500.00 > other currencies
      * ordernr.: 18030
      * bookseller: Krown & Spellman, Booksellers (USA)


      praktisch erprobte Recepte von Suppen, Fleisch- und Mehlspeisen,
      Fische, Gemüse, Saucen, Salate etc. etc.'.

      No place, no publisher, no date, but ca. 1905 24 x 22 mm. 136pp.
      Original silver binding, floral Art Nouveau cover decoration, clasp
      and ring for chain. The `smallest cookery book in the world' (at least
      that is what the title says!): Very decorative miniature cookery book
      (approx. 1 in square), containing over 100 recipes in German for all
      kinds of soups, meats, pastries, fish, vegetables, sauces, salads,
      etc. Reading requires a magnifying glass! Weiss 4184.

      * GBP 650.00 > other currencies
      * ordernr.: 19594
      * bookseller: Garwood & Voigt (UNITED KINGDOM)


      The Bible in Miniature. or a Concise History of the Old and New

      London: E. Newbery, 1780. 24mo, 45 x 30 mm, 256pp. With an engraved
      title-page to each part and 14 engraved plates. Original brown calf,
      four gilt fillets on backstrip. Ink annotation of the date at front,
      inscription on rear pastedown erased, a very good copy of this tiny
      and fragile piece. First edition third state (no imprint on p. 256).
      This rare and early miniature Bible is mentioned in all the
      literature. See Adomeit B26. Roscoe J28:3. Bromer, Levitan Collection,
      3 ($400). AAA sale (1928) #34.

      * USD 1,250.00 > other currencies
      * ordernr.: 5227
      * bookseller: Antiquarian Bookseller, John Windle (USA)


      Du Bois, J.P.J. (1747-1763 fl.) = ( Jean-Pierre-Isaac)
      La Sainte Bible, mise en vers . Nouv. edition, corrigée & augmentée.
      Miniature Bible. ( = Miniatuur Bijbel ). 3.8 x 6.3. cm.

      A la Haye ( Den Haag ), chez P. Servas ( = Pieter Servaas ), 1762. 2
      parts in 1 volume. Both printed at Servaas at the Hague and dated
      1762. 64mo. in 8s. Fine engraved front signed J.R. ( Text :"Bibelia".)
      ( iv), 5 - 144; ( vi), 150- 266, (xxii)pp. with 12 engraved fullpage
      plates... 3.8 x 6.3 cm. Contemporary full calf binding. Spine gilt
      lettered "Bible". decorated.......edges gilt.diamond-head music and
      head- and tailpieces built up from fleurons. Binding sligthly worn
      especially at the corners. Bookblock detached from binding. Otherwise
      in very good / fine condition. The 12 fine plates opposite p. 1; 5; 8;
      12; 28; 128; 159; 190; 194; 199; 203; 215. Not in Picarta ( mentions
      edition 1752 with different collation). Nor N.C.C. nor Worldcat/ OCLC.
      ( only other editions.) cf. Welsh, Bibl. Miniature Books 1231 & 1234
      not in Darlow & Moule. Rare 1762 edition of this miniature Walloon
      Bible original published by John Taylor in 1614 in English and
      translated in a French paraphrase by J.P.J. Du Bois. This is an
      enlarged and revised edition. The bible in verse is followed by the
      the ten commandments set to music. A prayer ( 4 pages); table of
      contents ( vi pages) approbation (iv pages) signed P. Franck Response
      de Mr. Pasteur le Frank dated 1763 ( sic!!!!) .( ii pages) and the
      "avis sur l ' utilité ". Jean-Pierre-Isaac du Bois was secretary to
      the embassy of Pologne in the Netherlands. KEYWORDS: theology

      * EUR 963.00 > other currencies
      * ordernr.: 4186
      * bookseller: Antiquariaat Theo de Boer (NETHERLANDS)



      MINIATURE. FAIRY TALE LIBRARY [LA GRACIEUSE avec ses 10 Volumes Modele
      Depose] on label under the case. Paris 1896. 10 miniature books (1.25
      x 1.75"), bound in stiff wraps in various colors are housed in the
      original miniature book case. The case measures 4x5" and made of
      shaped wood covered with printed paper (possible not original), with
      brocade decoration on edges. It even has the original glass shelf.
      There is some wear but overall in very good condition. Titles include:
      Le Petit Chaperon Rouge, Aladdin, Ali Baba, L'Enfant Prodigue/ Le Juif
      Errant, Quelques Fables de la Fontaine, Quelques Fables de Florian,
      Quelques Contes de Schmid, Fables et Allegories de Florian, La Morale
      de L'Enfance and Le Neveu de la Fruitiere.

      * USD 1,200.00 > other currencies
      * ordernr.: 29120
      * bookseller: Aleph-Bet Books, Inc. (USA)



      German, circa 1830. 2 x 2 5/8", painted floral boards, all edges gilt,
      fine in pictorial slipcase. A little book of Prussian royalty
      featuring 1 page of text followed by 11 very fine engraved portraits
      with captions of Prussian royalty, printed on rectos only. Begins with
      Friedrich Wilhelm III who reigned from 1797-1840 and lists his son as
      crown prince (who ascended to the throne in 1840), thus dating the
      book to circa 1830).

      * USD 500.00 > other currencies
      * ordernr.: 29208
      * bookseller: Aleph-Bet Books, Inc. (USA)


      London Almanack for the Year of Christ 1793.

      Printed for the Company of Stationers [1792]. Miniature book, covers
      measuring 2 5/16 x 1 5/16 inches, (26) pp. Folding plate, here bound
      in, of "The New House of Correction for the County of Middlesex",
      marbled endpapers. Finely bound in contemporary white morocco, covers
      with a small onlaid oval of red morocco with a gilt urn and flowers,
      surrounded by further gilt flowers and decorative borders, some light
      soiling, small hole to top of spine. Held in a slipcase repeating
      these designs, slightly darkened and rubbed. A well preserved and
      attractive copy. Welsh 4586.

      * GBP 200.00 > other currencies
      * ordernr.: 13324

      * bookseller: Bow Windows Bookshop (UNITED KINGDOM)
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