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MB Napoleon's Book of Fate

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    http://napoleonsbookoffate.blogspot.com/2008/08/napoleons-book-of-fate-napoleons-book_21.html Napoleon s Book of Fate Napoleon s Book of Fate , this copy of
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      Napoleon's Book of Fate

      Napoleon's Book of Fate , this copy of the book of fate , was printed
      as a miniature book in 1905 , if you would like a facsimile copy of
      this as a pdf file to view the Answers email us at ccsstt@...
      for details . The book size is 1" wide by 2" tall !!

      Napoleon's Book of Fate
      Napoleon's Book of Fate : In 1813 Napoleon was defeated at Leipzip.
      However he left behind him a "Cabinet of Curiosities" among which a
      Prussian officer discovered the following Oraculum. Originally this
      Oraculum had been discovered in one of the Royal tombs of Egypt during
      a French military expedition of 1801. The emperor ordered the
      manuscript to be translated by a famous German scholar and
      antiquarian. From that time onwards the Oraculum remained one of
      Napoleon's most treasures possessions. He consulted it on many
      occasions and it is said to have "formed a stimulus to his most
      speculative and most successful enterprises
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