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Recent Commentaries on the "Rump" Conclave

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  • Mudlarks@xxx.xxx
    Hi Fellow Members! I ve certainly been enjoying this address since Neale was clever enough to see set it up. It s been especially interesting of late to read
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 20, 1999
      Hi Fellow Members!
      I've certainly been enjoying this address since Neale was clever
      enough to see set it up. It's been especially interesting of late to read
      the comments regarding the "Rump" conclave and I kind of felt the urge to add
      a few gentle reflections myself.
      Since this regional event is generating reactionary comments, it's
      good to be reminded that it is a one-day affair scheduled for a span of six
      hours. I don't think it was meant to attract a large attendance outside of
      the general driving radius, even more especially can one draw that assumption
      if one weighs the practicality of the expense factor against the time
      allocated to the event.
      Since notification was very recent, it would also seem to rule out
      any competition with the Grand Conclave being held in Germany this year
      inasmuch as those who had already pre-planned attendance at the international
      conclave would have already have had to make that decision and subsequent
      necessary arrangements.
      Regional gatherings are not uncommon; perhaps the naming and timing
      only of this one can be called into question. Other than that, it has
      created more of a remedial situation than one of any ontoward damage to the
      Conclave in process or future conclaves. It has afforded us the type of
      situation whereby we can fine-tune our by-laws to cover such incidents that
      could crop up in the future.
      My memory may not serve me altogether accurately at this point in
      time (I grow older by the hour!) but as I recall, someone in the northeast
      did setup a regional sub-branch about 5-7 years or so. The news of this was
      reported in the MBS Newsletter, together with their "intended modus operandi"
      with encouragement and without rebuff. I believe it's members were simply
      going to meet on a regular basis to share information and geniality. The
      point I'm making is that this was perhaps the first sign that sub-regional
      groups could form and perhaps it also sent up a flag that the by-laws should
      have considered the guidelines at that time. This did not occur evidentally.
      As a small society scattered over the entire globe, it might be
      interesting to take a closer look at how such events could enable us to grow
      and enlighten and as we go. By forming small regional groups that could
      come together with the support and encouragement and around the nucleus of
      the MBS as reflected by the Grand Conclave and the MBS Newsletter, we could
      keep the fires kindled with regional news reporting, etc. Perhaps these
      groups could be generated within or through local libraries. We have the
      tools (traveling library, personal collections) and the knowledge (miniature
      book reference material and monthly publications such as MBN and Micro-B).
      It's another way of stimulating and engrossing our own interests by finding
      addtional ways to share and learn.
      But getting back to the subject at hand. . . . .
      Any and all of us who have participated in a committee to organize a
      Grand Conclave are very much aware of the time, effort, and work that's
      involved. It would be most unkind to think that anyone would intentionally
      or otherwise set out to undermine a Grand Conclave. We are learning as we go
      and each contribution in whatever avenue is a help. I know all of us wish we
      could be attending the Grand Conclave in Germany, to meet and greet our
      friends and see all the grand things Ralf has planned. For those of us who
      cannot make that a reality, we will be looking forward with a great deal of
      interest to the Newsletter report. In the meantime, have fun, drink in all
      the wonder of seeing a new country and meeting many of our international
      members who cannot make it to the United States; it's a grand opportunity in
      all ways as there really is only one Grand Conclave each year.
      With warm regards, Barbara Raheb
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