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963RE: [miniaturebooks] Fred Board - The Book Board

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  • Robert Bradbury
    Oct 20, 2005
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      Neil Borchert,
      I am a bookseller specializing in miniature books. I knew Fred Board and am familiar with his collection of miniature books. Should you be interested in selling some or all of his miniature books, I would be happy to discuss this with you. I shall look forward to hearing from you.

      Robert C. Bradbury
      Miniature Books
      879 Pleasant Street
      Worcester, MA 01602

      (508) 753-9266

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      Fred Board, an active collector of books both regular sized and
      miniature passed away a few months back. I don't know how many of you
      knew him or knew of him (he bought and sold under the name "The Book
      Board" out of Bedford, NY. I have acquired his collection of miniatures
      and while they are fascinating to behold, the collection is vast. I
      estimate the total number of books to be about 10,000, of which many
      are duplicates. It was Fred's habit of buying anywhere from 12 to 20
      copies of an issue. They are all still in their original boxes and many
      have not even been unwrapped. Does anyone have any thoughts on the best
      way to unwind this collection? They are far to beautiful to dump via a
      flea market and should really continue their lives in the hands of
      another collector. Any advice would be welcomed - Neil Borchert

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