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927Miniature Book Grows Up into a Children's Book

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  • Anna Olswanger
    Jul 26, 2005
      I'm the publisher a two miniature books, Shlemiel Crooks and
      Chicken Bone Man.

      NewSouth Books, a small independent press in Alabama, has
      recently published Shlemiel Crooks as a full-sized illustrated
      book for young readers. The illustrations are lush and the book
      has received positive reviews in Booklist, School Library
      Journal, The New York Times, and other journals and newspapers.
      The reviews appear in full or part at the Amazon website below
      and the distributor's web site:



      I hope the full-size version of Shlemiel Crooks will make the
      miniature version even more of a collector's item.

      Perhaps some of you will also ask your local library to purchase
      the NewSouth version so that many kids can enjoy the book.



      Anna Olswanger
      Liza Dawson Associates
      Literary Agency
      240 W. 35th Street, Ste. 500
      New York, NY 10001