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922Conclave Update

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  • tcminibks@juno.com
    Jul 7, 2005
      Dear MBS Members,

      Just a quick note to update the attendance list. I know that some of you are making personalized keepsakes and need an accurate list. There are 2 people who will not be making the trip after all. I mistakenly reported that Vicky Stewart, a new member to MBS, would be coming; only her husband, Bill, will be joining us in New Orleans. Stephen Byrne has had to cancel his trip due to his wife's poor health at this time. We regret that he will not be with us and wish Marian all the best in her recovery. This makes our final count at 72 for those of you making keepsakes. Even though the deadline for sending keepsakes to Edward has passed, I encourage those of you who would like to contribute in this area to bring them with you to New Orleans. If you arrive by early Friday, you can give them to me to put in the bags; otherwise, you can hand them out yourselves during the conclave.

      If you have any final requests or questions, please contact me via e-mail at tcminibks@... or phone me at home. My number is in the MBS Yearbook. I look forward to seeing all of you registered to attend the conclave in two weeks!

      Your host,