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89Sobota Miniature Book

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  • Mel Kavin
    Jul 1, 1999
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      Hi Everyone,

      I have more information about the Sobota miniature book. Their book will
      be a full leather binding in the shape of a cross. It will have the Ten
      Commandments gold stamped on hand made paper in ten different languages:
      Latin, Czech, English, German French Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch
      and Slovak. It was difficult getting some of the languages. As I told
      you, they were planning to publish this in 2000 but have speeded up
      their schedule to commemorate our Conclave. They were hoping to have it
      ready for the traveling exhibition competition but probably will not
      make it.

      People have been asking me if my 33 miniature designer bindings will
      ever be displayed. The Rochester Institute of Technology will be
      receiving the Bernard Middleton collection of books on bookbinding the
      end of this year. They are planning a conference, June 1-3, 2000,
      honoring both Middleton and his book collection. They are calling it
      BOOKBINDING 2000. Since Bernard wrote my miniature book, YOU CAN JUDGE A
      BOOK BY ITS COVER, they asked if the collection of bindings could be
      exhibited there. I am working on a display case now and the collection
      will be available for exhibition after the conference.


      Mel Kavin