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88(nearly) final registrations

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  • Ralf Quast
    Jul 1, 1999
      Hi folks,

      here is the registration list by June 30th:

      Jerry and Doris Selmer
      Jan Kellett
      Claire Bolton
      Stephen T. Byrne
      Jane Coneen
      Michael and Jeanne Garbett
      Pat Baldwin
      Neale M. and Margaret Albert
      Ian and Helen R. Macdonald
      Evron Collins
      Donn Sanford
      Caroline Y. McGehee
      Paul, Mary and Tom Devenyi
      Maryline Poole Adams and James R. Adams
      Jan Sobota and Jarmila J. Sobotova
      Martin Znidersic
      Janet and Kathy King
      Svitlana and Andriy Trofymenko
      Mel Kavin
      Donna and Peter Thomas
      Twyla Racz
      Mary T. Peterson
      Arthur and Margaret Keir
      Angelika Jaeck
      Yaroslav N. Kostiouk and Vladimir D. Markov
      Sabine Keune
      Tim Sheppard and Di Hughes
      Carol and Hope Bowie and Johnny/Harout Kouyoumdjan
      + two persons from the "Miniaturbuchverlag Leipzig"

      That makes 46 persons (plus hopefully Lajos Babos)