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849Books on stamps

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  • Angelika Jaeck
    Feb 3, 2005
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      Hi everyone!

      I am planing an exhibition on miniature books and postage stamps.

      Does anyone have any books on this subject or with original postage stamps
      that they want to sell?
      Or be willing to lend me for the exhibition?

      I have: Miniature Books related to Postage Stamps (Levitan), California on
      US Postage stamps, Christmas stamps around the world, Flowers and Plants
      on US Postage stamps, Historic American Flags, some German and Hungarian
      ones and several american ones with stamps as frontispiece.

      I am especially looking for:

      50 State Birds and Flowers on Stamps (Splendid Press)
      On Human Rights (Somesuch Press)
      A Philatelist's View of Canada (Quaker Press).

      Any suggestions welcome!

      Thanks and best wishes from Germany,