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844Newsletter Congratulations

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  • motherg2001
    Jan 10 8:37 PM
      GOOD JOB! Just received my copy of the January Newsletter...How
      appropriate to have Donn's picture on the cover! Anna & I thank you,
      Paul for taking on the job of Editor. It's not an easy task and you
      deserve much credit for it. We liked the layout and agreed the Photos
      were of good quality. I don't know if I can properly comment on the
      size of the type, since my books use about the same size...but I
      would like to see bigger type...perhaps we'll have to think about
      adding 4 pages to get more space. We particularly enjoyed the
      article by Philip Smith. At Bath, when he examined our ABC Cube there
      was no doubt in his mind that it should not properly be labled a
      Once again Congratulations, Paul. Phil & Ann