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841Hello from China...

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  • Patrice Baldwin
    Dec 16, 2004

      Well, it's been just about a year since I left California for China.
      It has been an extraordinary experience teaching Western Book Arts in
      three schools here, but it's time to move on.

      China is a difficult place for a westerner to live in. Nothing is
      familiar, not the language, not the habits and reactions of people,
      not the way things are done. One has to have help doing the simplest
      of things. I feel uncomfortable being stared at constantly... the
      Chinese natural curiousity (even about each other) is everywhere, and
      foreigners especially ALWAYS gather a crowd whatever they're doing.
      It's unnerving at times. I long for anonymity now.

      I've met some wonderful people, however, and hope to keep them as
      friends through email for a long time. I'll be flying out of Shanghai
      on January 10th for Tucson AZ for a week and then on the Austin TX
      where my kids now live. I'll spend the summer there, and in the fall
      go back to Tucson and look for digs. So I guess my studio will be
      back in business by winter. Tucson has a big paper and book arts
      community and I have many friends there. I hope to become part of
      that melieu soon. I'll also get back to being an active member of the
      MBS again. New Orleans sounds yummy!

      All of you have a wonderful holiday season and a great new year!!

      Patrice Baldwin