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833Question about marbling

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  • J&J Sobota
    Nov 3, 2004
      Dear marbling colleagues,

      I am looking for somebody, who can help me.

      Years ago, I attended the International Marblers Meeting in Santa Fe. Among
      others, there were many decorative paper makers there. We could see hand
      made papers, paste papers or marbled papers from all of the world. I was
      one of marblers there and I have bought or exchanged many papers with others
      for my collection.

      One paper, however, was done by a technique which I am not able to copy. A
      German marbler made the paper. It had very vivid colors and looked shiny.
      She charged 80 dollars for one sheet, which was very expensive in comparison
      to others.

      When I asked her how she made the paper, she said, she used oil colors on
      hot water. I have tried this, but have had no success in recreating the
      technique. My papers looked like ordinary oil based papers on water.

      Does anybody know how she did it?

      Jarmila Sobota

      Jan & Jarmila Sobota
      Sklenarska 5
      357 33 Loket
      Czech Republic


      Phone: 352 685 130
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