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712Re: [miniaturebooks] St. Johnsbury Academy

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  • Jon Mayo
    Nov 15, 2003
      Angelika, I'll share this with the group as it may help someone else.

      I found that the students were so fascinated with the concept of miniature
      books, and that fact that they had never heard of them, probably was a
      tremendous help in getting their attention right at the start.

      I used the idea that miniature books have existed since the early days of
      movable type--probably mankind's fascination with small things. And I
      explained that miniature books played only a tiny part of the whole, large
      picture of book collecting. I mentioned a few ways in which people collect--

      first editions, for instance--and when I had set the stage, so to speak, by
      miniature books into perspective, the kids were anxious to ask questions.

      By the way, I told them right at the start that I welcomed questions--all
      they had to do was raise their hand. And they asked a LOT of questions.

      If there is anything else I can suggest, please let me know.


      Angelika Jaeck wrote:

      > Jon, that was an interesting account about your workshop.
      > I am always amazed that there are people don't know anything
      > about miniature books!
      > I would be interested in giving a talk about miniature books but
      > don't know where to start. I know a lot about them of course,
      > since I've been collectiong for about 20 years and write many
      > articles.
      > I just don't know how to start telling people who know nothing
      > about them.
      > Maybe you, or someone else who gives talks, can give me a few
      > hints to get started? I am sure some other people on this list
      > would also be interested.
      > Best wishes,
      > Angelika
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