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703Fire Threat Gone in San Diego

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  • inkydew
    Oct 31, 2003
      Hello All,
      Thank-you for your kind words, prayers & thoughts. This has certainly
      been a 5 day ordeal that has taught us (JR & me), about disaster
      preparedness. Many homes had only 10 mins. to evacuate. Luckily, my
      little pocket of homes were told to be ready to evacuate...but we
      never had to. Within 30 mins., we had prepared that which was most
      dear to us. Of the 4500 miniature books, I collected a garbage bag
      full (approx. 200), as well as a garbage bag full of my antique Teddy
      bears. We packed 1 suitcase of clothing, flashlights, insurance
      papers, Ham radio & water.
      The fires came within 1/2 mile from 3 sides, leaving 1 back road for
      escape. We were without power for several hours, no phones (except
      cell) or TV.
      This was the largest firestorm in California history.
      Thanks again for your concern.
      Eileen Cummings
      Ramona, CA