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  • Paul Devenyi
    Oct 16, 2003
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      Thank you very much for the accolades re. the conclave both through this group website and personal E mails. Yes, we are pleased how it turned out, after the ominous preliminaries. The attendance was quite respectable, the program well received, and I was told that sales were generally brisk. As far as I know, nobody had trouble with Canada Customs and nobody got infected with any virus.

      The success of a conclave does not depend so much on how it was organized, but on those who come. Thank you so much for all of you who came, some from quite far. We had, of course, many old reliable MBS friends present, but it was great to see some new faces.

      The Conclave committee can only do so much. There are several components of the conclave that depend on the hard work of other people. The Williamsons with the competition, the marvelous display (which they manned throughout the Book Fair), the slide shows, the beautiful posters etc. Pat Pistner, cutting through the red tape and getting the Traveling Exhibit to Toronto. Joan Boring and Joe Curran doing the auction and the Tonkins the silent auction.

      Now that it is over, we are a little sad. (I didn't think a week ago that I would say that). That glorious Indian summer weather, a conclave special, disappeared as soon as you guys went home.

      Thanks again to all who came and helped.

      Paul Devenyi

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