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    Jun 6, 1999
      Dear Glen,
      I am very proud to be the first recipient (within the MBSlist) of message
      from a personality like you, to whom the miniature books world ows so much.

      I wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY from my hart and may you have the strength
      to help us younger people to continue this elegant and refined exercise of
      which is miniature books production and collecting.
      I take the liberty to mail this message to all our members (and not to your
      address only), since I believe that all our MBS fellows should know that
      GLEN DAWSON IS 87. CONGRATULATIONS from all of us.

      I would also like to thank you for your generous offer to send me the greek
      printed by William Cheney. I will gladly accept it. By my turn, I will send
      to you and
      Mary Helen a greek children book written by a 13-years old girl, as a
      sample of
      the first attempts of the greek publishers in this field. You will notice
      that technically
      it is far from the quality of the books printed by your private presses (we
      have private presses in Greece), but still a good start. It will give an
      'exotic fragrance'
      to Mary Helen's collection.

      Regarding William Cheney's Fleecestreet's Greek in a Nutshell, I feel lucky
      posses it (thanks to Jon Mayo). It is one of my favourites books. I must
      also its LATIN brother (perhaps Jon still has it available).

      My regards to Mary Hellen.

      Grigoris Polychronidis
      50, Megalou Alexandrou str
      171 22 Nea Smyrni
      Athens - Greece

      > From: Glen Dawson <glen@...>
      > To: POLICHRONIDIS <loco@...>
      > Cc: MBS@onelist.com; Robert Bradbury <rbradbury@...>
      > Subject: Re: [MBS] Greece
      > Date: ���������, 4 ������� 1999 7:19 ��
      > Dear Greg:
      > This is my first use of MBS onelist.
      > I have a little four page leaflet Hickery Dickery Dock printed by William
      > Cheney in Greek.If you do not have it, I would be glad to mail it to you
      > as a gift. It measures 2 by 1 3/4 inches.
      > William Cheney wrote and printed Fleecestreet's Greek in a Nutshell. 57
      > pages, marbled boards and leather back strip, 2 3/8 by 1 3/4 inches,
      > I do not have an extra copy. It is an English language treatise on the
      > Greek language and has some Greek text.
      > Yesterday I celebrated my 87th birthday. I have been retired from
      > Book Shop for nearly four years. Last year Mary Helen and i sold our home
      > of 57 years and moved into Villa Gardens a very pleasant Pasadena
      > retirement home. We sold or gave away or threw away many of our
      > but Mary Helen brought with us her collection of miniature books.
      > I have been trying to help Bob Bradbury in his upcoming publication, a
      > bibliography of 20th century American miniature books. It will be and
      > interesting and useful reference tool.
      > We will not be able to attend the Conclave in Germany, much as we would
      > like to, but Msgr. Francis Weber is planning a mini-conclave at San
      > Fernando Mission over Labor Day and that is possible for us.
      > We once spent several days in Athens and enjoyed it very much.We would be
      > interested to hear of any miniature books printed in Greece.
      > We have Barbara Raheb to thank for telling us about MBS@onelist.
      > Glen Dawson
      > -----------------------------------------------
      > Mary Helen & Glen Dawson
      > Villa Gardens
      > 842 East Villa St. Apt 350
      > Pasadena, CA 91101-1259
      > (626)792-2057
      > glen@...
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