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641Re: [miniaturebooks] Spiral

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  • mel
    Jul 14, 2003
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      In considering an "artist's" book, our expectation is likely to be that any
      conventional use of the word "book" is (because it is "art") unconventional.
      So, in this context, the word begins to describe a category of art and to a
      lesser degree its function as a book. However, I think that it is reasonable
      for the function of the object (book) to be considered even within an
      "Artist's Books" genre or art.
      A book of matches describes a collection of discrete items. Structurally,
      one can even write on each match and push their utility to that of pages...
      specifically because there are many of them.
      Although it may not be a very good protector, the first "page" of a book can
      function as its "cover." So, having a specialized covering is not essential
      to book function. The structural characteristic of grouping content
      sequentially (page function)... revealing of information over time seems
      most essential to book function.
      As others have implied, since a spiral form does not present the content in
      "chunks," it does not have the feel of a book but does have the feel of a
      It also might be reasonable to ask why this art work is in a gallery of
      "Artist's Books." I can easily envision the same work being included in an
      exhibition of paper sculpture.

      -today's spiraling vortex of thought-

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