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64Our New Member from Greece

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  • Mudlarks@xxx.xxx
    Jun 4, 1999
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      I just sent and received a response from our most recent member, "Greg from
      Greece" who confirmed he was the individual made a requested to some of his
      Greek friends here in the US obtain some of my books for his collection. As
      these friends were leaving almost within the week for Greece, I did something
      I normally do not do, and allowed them to come to the house for the books.
      During the course of the conversation, they indicated Greg was also looking
      for a Gocco printer which I just happened to have! This printer was
      suggested to the class by my teacher, Carrie Imai, when I taking calligraphy
      classes and while I never actually used the printer, and at from that point
      in time more than likely never would, I offered to send it along for Greg. I
      don't know if he's had a chance to try it.
      The world certainly grows smaller and smaller and curioser and
      curioser as Alice would say. It's a marvel to reach out and "touch" each
      other spontaneously and speedily in this manner. Neale has done us all a
      great service.
      And now, once again, Glen's friendliness and helpfulness underlines
      the generous and giving nature that exists within the membership of miniature
      book people and the fact that small really is big in it's own way.
      For those of us who are not sojourning to Koblenz, it sounds like
      Ralf will keep you very busy with a grand schedule and all of here will be
      with you in heart and thought.
      Barbara Raheb