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626Conclave XXI

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  • Paul Devenyi
    Jun 10, 2003
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      Jon Mayo, MBS vice-president and webmaster, kindly has put the updated Conclave program plans and other informations on the MBS website. (www.mbs.org) This will give you a preview before the July Newsletter arrives or if you are not a member, it gives you the necessary information. The question was raised if non-members can register as guests? While MBS does not have strict policy on this, traditionally in the past, guest registrations have been accepted from family members of MBS members. I suggest, if you want to register at the Conclave, take out a membership in the Society.(see website) Guest reservations are accepted for the Sunday night banquet, even for those not fully registered for the conclave. Tables for the Book Fair can be rented only by MBS members registered for the conclave.

      Paul Devenyi

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