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551Conclave matters

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  • Paul Devenyi
    Oct 22, 2002
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      We would like to join those who congratulated the Ohio group for Conclave XX very well done! At the same time, we call your attention to Conclave XXI (the 20-th anniversary of MBS) which we are already busily organizing for october 10-13 2003 at Toronto's classy Royal York Hotel. You will find our preliminary program-plans very soon in the MBS october Newsletter and at the MBS website. (www.MBS.org). Please watch these two sources in the next several months for further details. Some people expressed apprehension about Canada Customs. I don't believe that this will be a major problem. As it stands now,(I already have a welcoming letter to MBS from Canada Customs a copy of which will be sent to all table renters), if you want to do things by the letter of the law, you can declare your miniature books with a hand-written invoice and a self-declared value.The Customs officer may wave you through (these days they worry about other things more than miniature books), or at worst, you may have to prepay the 7% Canadian goods and services tax based on your self-declared value. (eg. 50 books, $10.00 each, you pay $35.00). I don't think this is a killer and at most, a minor nuisance at entry for filling out a form. Whether you declare or not and how much you declare, is up to you. I am still trying to get a tax exemption (and a letter to this effect) for the MBS Conclave from the Minister's office and if we do, I let everbody know. But even if we don't get an outright exemption in writing, I don't think this whole issue should create a lot of concern, as some people started to express. I am just trying to dispell any unjustified apprehension, so that this issue should not keep anybody away. We are planning a terrific conclave in a terrific venue and hope for a record attendance.

      Paul Devenyi

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