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549Great Conclave——Many Thanks

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  • motherg2001
    Oct 19, 2002
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      Anna and I want to thank our Cincinnati Hosts for putting together
      such a g-r-e-a-t Conclave. We enjoyed it immensely. It ran so
      smoothly, every detail anticipated, that you know tons of work and
      planning was needed to make it all came together so nicely. (Though
      I'm not sure how they arranged for the 49'ers to win the Monday Night
      football game). We missed Neale, (and were thankful that Jon filled
      in so beautifully), we enjoyed the demonstrations very much, and
      continued conversations with friends from last year. Quick note to
      those on the bus trip: The 4' Basket we bought reached home in
      shape.The wrapping was not elegant: A discarded box from a dumpster
      wrapped with 367 yards of duct tape: Probably the most successful
      clamshell box we've ever made! Phil & Anna Morrison,Shoestring Pr