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536Nasty Flashing Ads

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  • Bobby Duncan
    Aug 3 9:03 PM
      These Nasty Flashing Ads

      These outfits like doubleclick put flashing ads over and under your work and use up your computer memory that you paid for and should be all yours and not theirs.

      Yahoo sells advertising space to people like doubleclick and their ads in Yahoo's space are therefore perfectly legal but these outfits like doubleclick do not have the right to get our names from Yahoo and then put their cookies into our computers.

      Then they run all these other flashing ads on our computers, outside of Yahoo's space, in our space.

      Some even have the audacity to say they'll remove their own flashing ads for $6.95 a month.

      If you have these flashing ads, try this.

      Hit Windows Start button then go up to Search, then over to For Files or Folders.

      Type in the single word doubleclick

      If a notepage comes up with the words doubleclick on it then you have problems because they---and many others---have their cookies inside your computer to give you these nasty flashing ads.

      Stewart Cheiffet on Computer Chronicles recommended Ad-aware.

      You can get it FREE by clicking on the link named "Pop up Ad Killer" at website http://www.rbduncan.com

      Download the red Ad-aware icon to your desktop where it's handy because even though most of these outfits only put their cookies in every month or so, some outfits like doubleclick are relentless and will hit you several times a day if you put long hours in at the computer.

      Feel free to copy this message & send it to all your friends.


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