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510To MBS Board Members

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  • barbarawilliamson21044
    Apr 8, 2002
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      Trying to reach an MBS board member, preferably Neale Albert.
      Have created a downloadable PDFof the 2001 MBS Exhibition Catalog.
      The PDF could be placed on the MBS website and vastly increase its
      distribution. Interested viewers could print or easily get info about the
      Book Competition entries, how to purchase, etc. Workshop leaders
      could download and print it out themselves as many as are needed.
      Would encourage more participation in the Competition. It would be a
      good thing I think. MBS members would still get the priviledge of having a
      commercially printed version in their hands.
      The MBS Board would need to approve this first. Have sent emails to Neale
      and Jim Delancey but everyone must be away as I have not received an
      answer in some time. Even sent one to the new MBS webmaster. Would
      somebody contact me regarding this?
      Also, am about to deliver a lecture on Miniature Books (my first!)
      through Johns Hopkins at the Howard County Public Library on May 6th.
      I want to encourage MBS membership and represent our wonderful passion
      very well. Any ideas or help or advice or jpegs very much appreciated. If
      anybody is in the Maryland area on May 6th, please consider coming in support!

      Barbara Williamson
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