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508bookmark, new books, Link on MBS site

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  • Jean Day
    Apr 8, 2002
      I have added my new URL to the bookmarks on the Yahoo Miniature Books
      site but I am unable to remove my old URL because my email address has
      changed and it won't let me delete it. Could one of the moderators of
      this group do that please.

      There have been some new book additions to my site, no photos yet.
      McFadden's Physical Culture, Decorating Arts & Crafts Style, Dentistry,
      Teapots and more. http://jdayminis.com
      I have also created another web site for my Country Style interests.

      I am still trying to get my link on the MBS site... I sent two emails in
      March to the email on the MBS site and have not received a reply?

      Jean Day
      Jean Day Miniatures