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498New URL, MBS website contact person?

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  • Jean Day
    Feb 2, 2002
      Hi Everyone,

      I have been trying to contact Pat Baldwin to mention that my URL has to
      be changed in the MBS web site and my e-mails are bouncing. Any help
      would be appreciated my e-mail address for her must be old.

      I've been having quite a time with my computers. They both shut down
      around Christmas and the fellow who reformatted one computer didn't save
      my fonts file so I've been
      searching for some that I use in my books. I should have saved my fonts
      file on CD but it is something you don't think about happening.

      @home will be shutting down their web sites this month so I have had to
      move my site.
      I have changed the look of my site and added some more books.

      My site is still Jean Day Miniatures but my new url is

      Thank you, Jean

      Jean Day Miniatures